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Experimental Evidence for a Berry Curvature Quadrupole in an Antiferromagnet

Author(s): Soumya Sankar, Ruizi Liu, Cheng-Ping Zhang, Qi-Fang Li, Caiyun Chen, Xue-Jian Gao, Jiangchang Zheng, Yi-Hsin Lin, Kun Qian, Ruo-Peng Yu, Xu Zhang, Zi Yang Meng, Kam Tuen Law, Qiming Shao, and Berthold JäckElectric transport measurements on antiferromagnetic FeSn show that an anisotropic Berry curvature distribution can induce a third-order...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 17:38
Direct Observation of Spin Current Oscillation in a Ferromagnet

Author(s): Mengyao Du, Huiqian Min, Ke Xia, Dazhi Hou, Lei Wang, and Zhiyong QiuObservations of spin spatial oscillations reveal a previously hidden behavior of spin transport dynamics and identify a new degree of freedom for manipulating spin current, with potential implications for spintronic devices. [Phys. Rev. X 14, 021045] Published Fri Jun 14,...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 21:24
SO(5) Deconfined Phase Transition under the Fuzzy-Sphere Microscope: Approximate Conformal Symmetry, Pseudo-Criticality, and Operator Spectrum

Author(s): Zheng Zhou (周正), Liangdong Hu, W. Zhu, and Yin-Chen HeIn the study of deconfined quantum critical points, the “fuzzy sphere” can act as a powerful microscope, magnifying and revealing a wealth of crucial information. [Phys. Rev. X 14, 021044] Published Thu Jun 13, 2024

Thu Jun 13, 2024 21:35
Orbital Ingredients and Persistent Dirac Surface State for the Topological Band Structure in ${\mathrm{FeTe}}_{0.55}{\mathrm{Se}}_{0.45}$

Author(s): Y.-F. Li, S.-D. Chen, M. García-Díez, M. I. Iraola, H. Pfau, Y.-L. Zhu, Z.-Q. Mao, T. Chen, M. Yi, P.-C. Dai, J. A. Sobota, M. Hashimoto, M. G. Vergniory, D.-H. Lu, and Z.-X. ShenAngle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of an iron-based superconductor resolves debates about its electronic structure and confirms the existence of topological...

Tue Jun 11, 2024 19:21
<i>In Situ</i> Magnetometry of Iron in Human Dopaminergic Neurons Using Superresolution MRI and Ion-Beam Microscopy

Author(s): Malte Brammerloh, Renat Sibgatulin, Karl-Heinz Herrmann, Markus Morawski, Tilo Reinert, Carsten Jäger, Roland Müller, Gerald Falkenberg, Dennis Brückner, Kerrin J. Pine, Andreas Deistung, Valerij G. Kiselev, Jürgen R. Reichenbach, Nikolaus Weiskopf, and Evgeniya KirilinaA new technique for measuring the magnetic properties of metals within...

Mon Jun 10, 2024 19:41
Theory of Correlated Chern Insulators in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Author(s): Xiaoyu Wang and Oskar VafekThe first comprehensive theoretical study of the finite magnetic field phase diagram of twisted bilayer graphene provides an in-depth tool kit for analyzing experimental data on Chern insulating states. [Phys. Rev. X 14, 021042] Published Mon Jun 10, 2024

Mon Jun 10, 2024 19:41

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