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Caveat emptor: 90% of tattoo inks have unlabeled or mislabeled ingredients

Enlarge / New study finds that the chemicals listed on tattoo ink labels often don't match what's actually in the bottle. (credit: ohsarahrose/CC BY-SA 2.0) If you live in the US and are planning on getting a tattoo any time soon, we've got some potentially unwelcome news. Many common commercial tattoo inks have either...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 18:24
Amazon to spend $1 billion on startups that combine AI with robots

Enlarge / Digit, a bipedal robot, is being tested at an Amazon facility in the US. (credit: Financial Times) Amazon’s $1 billion industrial innovation fund is to step up investments in companies that combine artificial intelligence and robotics, as the ecommerce giant seeks to drive efficiencies across its logistics network....

Wed Feb 28, 2024 17:24
Dark Forces Remastered makes a classic Star Wars shooter feel fast and fluid

Enlarge / Do you ever wonder why no contractor has been able to deliver to the Empire a standardized blaster rifle that shoots right where the crosshairs are aiming? Is this covered in the "Legends" extended universe? (credit: Nightdive Studios/LucasFilm) I remember Dark Forces, or Star Wars: Doom, as a slog. Running a...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 16:32
Review: AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE GPU doesn’t quite earn its “7900” label

Enlarge / ASRock's take on AMD's Radeon RX 7900 GRE. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) In July 2023, AMD released a new GPU called the "Radeon RX 7900 GRE" in China. GRE stands for "Golden Rabbit Edition," a reference to the Chinese zodiac, and while the card was available outside of China in a handful of pre-built OEM systems,...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 15:00
How strong is Nintendo’s legal case against Switch-emulator Yuzu?

Enlarge / The eye of Nintendo's legal department turns slowly towards a new target. (credit: Aurich Lawson) Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against Tropic Haze LLC, the makers of the popular Yuzu emulator that the Switch-maker says is "facilitating piracy at a colossal scale." The federal lawsuit—filed Monday in the District...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 07:06
Smallish car, biggish price—we try out the 2024 BMW X2 M35i

Enlarge / BMW calls the X2 a Sport Activity Coupe. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin) BMW provided flights from Washington to Lisbon and accommodation so Ars could drive the new X2. Ars does not accept paid editorial content. Last week, we told you about our first drive in the new Mini Countryman John Cooper Works, Mini's new...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 01:29

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