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Covid: Immune therapy from llamas shows promise

An immune therapy derived from llama blood shows 'exciting potential' in early coronavirus trials.

Gas price crisis: Food firms face 500% price rise for carbon dioxide

The US supplier of CO2, which will receive millions in UK taxpayer support to reopen, will hike prices.

Life at 50C: Heat hitting home in Australia

Cities like Sydney are already experiencing extremely hot days because of climate change.

Old PPE masks find new life fighting plastic waste

All schools and colleges in Cornwall will be given litter pickers made from old hospital masks.

M25 protests: Protesters 'may cause serious injury or death'

Insulate Britain protesters blocked traffic on both carriageways of the motorway in Surrey.

COP 26: How much is the developing world getting to fight climate change?

Are rich countries living up to their climate promises to the developing world?

China pledges to stop building new coal energy plants abroad

The announcement is the country's latest climate pledge and a major step forward to address emissions.

President Biden urges unity in first UN speech amid tensions with allies

Joe Biden called for cooperation in his first speech as US president to the UN General Assembly.

Why is there a CO2 shortage and how will it hit food supplies?

The government is to pay to reopen a plant that makes commercial carbon dioxide, to stop widespread disruption to food and drink production.

Fox hunting: Top huntsman 'gave advice' on illegal events, court told

Mark Hankinson denies encouraging others to break the law during private webinars which were leaked online.

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