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EU launches €300bn bid to challenge Chinese influence

The Global Gateway infrastructure plan is described as a true alternative to Chinese influence.

Xinjiang Papers: China leaders linked to Uyghur crackdown

They show speeches by Xi Jinping and others which led to Uyghurs' mass internment and forced labour.

The Simpsons: Tiananmen episode not found in Hong Kong

The episode includes jokes about China's censorship of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

China surveillance of journalists to use 'traffic-light' system

Documents detail how one province is making a facial-recognition system to spot "people of concern".

China: North Korea fugitive captured after 40-day manhunt

The defector had been on the run after staging a daring escape from a Chinese prison.

Covid: BA suspends Hong Kong flights amid crew quarantine

The airline has temporarily stopped flights after more of its staff were forced to isolate.

Peng Shuai: WTA concerned over 'censorship or coercion'

The head of women's tennis says he is not certain Peng Shuai is free of Chinese censorship or coercion.

Winter Olympics 2022: Testing times in the Chongli mountains

Beijing is pushing ahead with Winter Olympics test events, despite Covid and human rights allegations.

Chinese tech giant Tencent told to suspend new app roll outs

It comes as China's technology industry regulator reviews compliance with new privacy rules.

China man claiming to know Peng Shuai says WTA head ignored her mail

The mail, tweeted out by a man claiming to be her associate, told the WTA to 'not hype up personal affairs.'

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