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Former aide accuses Republican George Santos of sexual misconduct

The prospective staffer has asked the House ethics panel to look into a sexual misconduct claim.

Turkey earthquake: Aleppo among worst-hit areas in Syria

More than 1,000 people have been killed in Syria after a huge earthquake struck neighbouring Turkey.

Facebook's parent firm Meta can be sued by ex-moderator, judge rules

A Kenyan court has said that Facebook's parent company can be sued by a former content moderator.

BBC on the scene of earthquake devastation in Turkey

Anna Foster is in Adana, one of the cities hit by the earthquakes.

Chinese balloon: What investigators might learn from its recovered contents

Experts believe contents from the wreckage are the key to uncovering its purpose and capabilities.

Turkish TV crew flee live broadcast as second quake hits

A building collapses causing a reporter and his team to run in panic in Malatya, Turkey.

Building collapses in Turkey after deadly earthquake

Footage from Sanliurfa province shows people running for cover as the multi-storey building comes down.

Syria-Turkey earthquake: On the ground inspecting the damage near the epicentre

Video obtained by BBC News shows the destruction in the town of Gaziantep in Turkey.

Palestinian gunmen killed in Israeli raid in Jericho

Five Hamas militants were killed, as a particularly bloody period between the two sides continues.

Turkey-Syria earthquake: 'We need help, north-west Syria is a disaster area'

A spokesman for the Syrian Civil Defence calls on the international community to act.

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