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Visual Test Analytics – The Future of Software Test Reports

If you are a practitioner of automated testing, It's quite common to frequently script and runs a high number of automated tests for the businesses we work with.  So when you have a high volume of test results to analyze, it can be challenging to analyze and understand the product's insights. Even exporting results in Excel will not help as such large...

Understanding API Rate-Limiting Techniques in Zato

Enabling rate-limiting in Zato means that access to Zato-based APIs can be throttled per endpoint, user, or service — including options to make limits apply to specific IP addresses only — and if limits are exceeded within a selected period of time, the invocation will fail. Let's check how to use it all. Where and When Limits Apply

AWS Cloud Monitoring: Best Practices and Top-Notch Tools

The practicality and viability of AWS in the world of cloud computing can’t be overlooked. At present, it’s the trailblazer of cloud computing and currently rules over the 31% market share. The AWS cloud computing services are nothing but quality-driven. They are future-driven and play a vital role in a business’s growth. But, first thing first, let’s...

MVC Web Application With ActiveJ

Intro In this tutorial we will create an asynchronous servlet that adds contacts to a list, parses requests and processes form validation with the help of ActiveJ framework. You can find the source code of this tutorial on GitHub. Setting up the Project We'll need the following dependencies:

Service Mesh Era: Building Modern Apps With YugabyteDB and Istio

Microservices architectures are becoming the de facto way developers are thinking about how their applications are constructed. But security remains a top concern for many organizations. Given the general trends of the proliferation of threats within the production network and the increased points of privileged access, it is increasingly necessary to...

Shaking Down the Raspberry Pi 400

I recently got my hands on the Raspberry Pi 400, the "$70 desktop PC," and I have now had the chance to try it out for a few days. As someone who has tinkered with Raspberry Pis since the beginning, I am always excited about new products. This one is drastically different from the others. Here are my thoughts. What Is the Raspberry Pi 400?

API Security Weekly: Issue #112

This week, we have the recently reported API vulnerability in Duffel’s Paginator, a new API fuzzer from Microsoft Research, an upcoming JWT security webinar, and a recorded talk on approaches to API authentication. Vulnerability: Paginator Peter Stöckli from Alphabot Security has posted a write-up on the API vulnerability he found in Duffel’s...

CodeReady Containers - Installing business automation operator (Part 1)

As a consistent user and developer on the OpenShift platform over the years, I've tried helping users by sharing my application development content as we've journeyed from cartridges all the way to container base development. With container based development we've also transitioned from using templates to define how to deploy our tooling and applications,...

Java Concurrency Evolution

Since the early days of Java, Threads were available to support concurrent programming. Interestingly till Java 1.1, green threads (virtual threads) were supported by the JVM, but they were dropped in favor of native OS threads, however with Project Loom on the horizon (targeted for Java 16 or later?), virtual threads are on track to become mainstream...

Lessons Learned from the November AWS Outage

Context, Analysis, and Impact Amazon’s internet infrastructure service experienced a multi-hour outage on Wednesday, November 25th, that affected a large portion of the internet. More than 50+ companies were impacted, including Roku, Adobe, Flickr, Twilio, Tribune Publishing, and Amazon’s smart security division, Ring, in its region covering...

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