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The Bearing of a Child Takes 9 Months No Matter How Many Women Are Assigned

I quote the title from the book Mythical Man-Month written by Fred Brooks and originated from Theodore von Kármán in the unique form “Everyone knows it takes a woman nine months to have a baby. But you Americans think if you get nine women pregnant, you can have a baby in a month.” Fred Brooks made this a very popular statement in the software industry,...

Logging As a Last Resort

Motivation In software development one often finds themselves investigating issues. Depending on the type of the application, various sources of informations can be available:  screenshots verbal description of the problem metrics logs (application, framework, container, application server, OS, ...) thread and heap dumps In...

Why Do You Need to Get Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification?

AI has been a revolutionary technology in the Tech world. The demand for artificial intelligence-related professions is increasing at an incredibly rapid rate. Similarly, the demand for an Azure AI Engineer is on buzz and at an all-time high. Many other AI-concerned accreditations could also be good alternatives for IT professionals. But, MS Azure assures...

Performance Comparison: Neo4j vs Nebula Graph vs JanusGraph

This article describes how the Tencent (HKG.0700) Cloud team compares Nebula Graph with two other popular graph databases on the market from several perspectives. By their nature of dealing with interconnections, graph databases are perfect for fraud detection and building knowledge graphs in the security field. To better serve the Tencent Cloud...

Nebula Graph 1.0 Benchmark Report Based on the LDBC Dataset

Testing Environment Specs CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2697 v3 @ 2.60GHz, 2(sockets) * 14(cores) * 2(threads) Memory: DDR4,64GB * 4

How To use pluggable process variable persistence with Case Files in jBPM 7

Some times we need to persist case file which includes business information into different database table along with processInstanceId so that you can map business information with particular processInstanceId.  We can achieve this with below steps: Define custom data object,define it as Entity and make sure to extend VariableEntityand must implement...

Project Management Plan: Purpose and Examples

Without a project management plan, you are bound to put a lot of things at risk. Sometimes, a project does go through the entire project management planning phase but suffers because of poor execution. A concrete plan acts as the foundation for any project, regardless of its scale. We have curated this guide to explain how to create and design an...

Reading Code Is a Skill

I'm inspired to write this post because Someone Is Wrong On The Internet. Of course a more accurate statement would be "I disagree with some aspects of what someone on the internet said, even though they have an entirely valid point of view". But that's less catchy. I saw a Tweet I agreed vehemently with, so I retweeted it:

Why Are Dependencies in Project Management Important To Agile Teams?

This article covers the following issues in detail: Criteria for dependencies selection. A brief look at what are dependencies in project management 6 types of project management dependencies What is the role of task dependencies in project management? What to do about dependencies? FAQs 1. Criteria For Dependencies Selection...

Java Annotated Monthly – September 2020

September’s here, and that means back to work, back to school. Or not. It feels like the world is applying a lot of wishful thinking and behaving as if everything is going back to normal. With so much uncertainty right now, it’s a tempting approach for sure. Anyway this is supposed to be about Java. This month we have another huge edition for you,...

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