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Envo Flex Snowbike is the latest take on an ebike for the snow

Two years ago we told you about Envo's Electric SnowBike Kit, which let users convert their existing mountain bike into a snow-going ebike. Well, the Canadian company is now offering a complete self-contained package, in the form of the Flex Snowbike.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Snowbikes, ebikes, Snow, Winter, Pedal-assisted

87-mph electric unicycle sounds like instant death ... and scary fun

After springing its electric unicycle (EUC) lineup for full off-roading, electric transport specialist InMotion is upping the ante (and danger) once again. The all-new V13 Challenger debuts as the fastest, most powerful one-wheeler in the world, according to the Chinese company. Capable of putting out a peak of 10,000 watts and powering up to speeds...

Study suggests pills work fastest if taken while lying on right side

When taking a pill such as a pain reliever, it goes without saying that you want it to work as fast as possible. According to a new study, taking that pill while lying on your right side will help it to do so.Continue ReadingCategory: Health & Wellbeing, LifestyleTags: Johns Hopkins University, Medication

WalkWise keeps tabs on seniors via the wheels of their walkers

It's important to monitor the physical activity level of seniors living on their own, as a decrease may indicate health problems, depression, cognitive decline, or a debilitating fall. A new device does so simply and unobtrusively, by hitching a ride on the senior's walker.Continue ReadingCategory: Health & Wellbeing, LifestyleTags: MIT, Seniors,...

Ultrasonic bath cleans records before playback on matching turntable

Sales of vinyl records have been steadily rising over the last few years, attracting new listeners to the format as well as prompting music lovers to dust off their collections again and start spinning. And the issue of dust can be a real problem.Continue ReadingCategory: Home Entertainment, TechnologyTags: Kickstarter, Record, Vinyl, Cleaning, Ultrasound,...

Fat-tire adult e-trike good for 85 miles of cargo-hauling adventures

Californian ebike maker Addmotor has updated its best-selling fat-tire e-trike for 2023. The M-340 offers an easy access step-through frame, comes with pedal-assist and throttle courtesy of a Bafang front-hub motor and has enough battery for 85 miles of per-charge riding.Continue ReadingCategory: Urban Transport, TransportTags: ebikes, cargo bike, Tricycle,...

Tini glass house gets a size increase to fit family of three

Back in May, we reported on a flexible prefabricated modular tiny house named the Tini M that featured a compact footprint and mostly glass exterior. Designer Tini has now followed up with a 2M model, which maintains a similar overall design while offering a more spacious interior layout suitable for a small family.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture,...

Cooler Keg dispenses draft beer or any other drink on the go

It’s hard to beat a draft beer, but we usually have to make do with bottles and cans when away from the bar. Enter the Cooler Keg, a new design for a draft beer dispensing system built right into a cooler.Continue ReadingCategory: LifestyleTags: Beer, Drinking, Drink, Bars, Camping, Outdoors, Home, Indiegogo, Coolers

Floating artificial leaves produce fuels from water, air and sunlight

The leaf is one of nature’s most impressive little machines, able to convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into energy. Scientists at Cambridge have now created a type of artificial leaf that can float on water, tapping into sunlight above it and water below it to produce fuels as efficiently as the real thing.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy,...

"Brain thermometer" circuitry might explain those summer afternoon naps

The relationship between temperature and sleep is a highly complicated one, but researchers continue to tease out valuable new insights around how the heat and cold can influence our rest. A new study on fruit flies may help explain why siestas came to be such an important habit in many cultures, revealing a type of brain thermometer that kicks sleep-promoting...

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