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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV E:Pop camper SUV roams road and trail

Not the average Mitsubishi Outlander, or the average camper van, the Outlander PHEV E:Pop is a pop-top camper wagon that provides an efficient but long range-capable means of getting to base camp and enjoying the stay. With five or seven seats and two convertible beds, it can whisk a family of four away for a weekend of adventure in the mountains or...

DARPA selects competitors for its Liberty Lifter seaplane project

DARPA has chosen two radically different designs from teams led by General Atomics and Aurora Flight Systems for development of the Liberty Lifter Seaplane Wing-in-Ground Effect full-scale seaborne strategic and tactical heavy lift demonstrator.Continue ReadingCategory: Military, TechnologyTags: DARPA, Aircraft, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems,...

SUCOM tech makes for better cellular comms with delivery drones

While short-range radio remote control may be fine for consumer drones, long-distance delivery drones often use cellular networks to communicate with their operators. A new mobile network system could make the latter method much more reliable.Continue ReadingCategory: Drones, TechnologyTags: Fraunhofer, Delivery drones, Cellular, Communications, wingcopter

Scientists stack sub-pixels for sharper MicroLED displays

The sharpness of images on a MicroLED screen is limited by how tightly the pixels that make up the display are packed. MIT scientists have taken a unique approach to packing them much tighter, by vertically stacking the pixels' components.Continue ReadingCategory: Electronics, ScienceTags: MIT, Micro LED, TV

Newly discovered Earth-sized planet might be right for life

Searching the galaxy for planets like Earth is a slow-going needle-in-a-haystack proposition. In fact, out of over 5,000 other planets discovered by astronomers to date, only about 12 even come close. That number has been increased by one however, thanks to the discovery of Wolf 1069 b, a planet with an Earth-like mass and the potential existence of...

ebike SUV rides out to tackle city streets, own rocky hills

Chinese e-mobility outfit Magicycle has launched what's it's calling an ebike SUV, a full-squish fat-tire electric mountain bike called the Deer that can also serve as a capable commuter and trekking ebike.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: ebikes, Pedal-assisted, Mountain Bikes

Rustic tiny house has a spacious interior and a balcony up top

MitchCraft Tiny Homes, which recently completed a very compact model, has also put the finishing touches to another towable dwelling that's far larger. Named Lisa's 30 x 10 Tiny Home, it features a distinctive rustic exterior design and has a roomy interior layout that includes a home office area, two bedrooms, and even boasts a small balcony.Continue...

Logitech debuts Project Ghost videoconferencing booth prototype at ISE 2023

Video chats came into their own during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an audiovisual lifeline for fragmented families and social groups, as well as keeping remote-working teams in touch. But they seem rather flat and low-tech compared to the telepresence booth concept presented by Logitech at ISE 2023 this week.Continue ReadingCategory: Telecommunications,...

CRISPR study questions everything we know about "love hormone" oxytocin

Using cutting-edge gene editing technology researchers have engineered prairie voles with no oxytocin receptors. These notoriously monogamous mammals were thought to rely on oxytocin to form crucial social bonds but the results of these new experiments suggest this so-called "love hormone" may be less important than suspected.Continue ReadingCategory:...

Terraline's 500-mile ultra-aero electric big rig invites humans aboard

The company formerly known as Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies (Solo AVT) is now moving forward under the name Terraline. Along with the name change comes a shift in the company's mission, at least for the near term. Its autonomous SD1 platform will take a backseat as it focuses on meeting the immediate demand for an all-electric Class 8 long-haul...

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