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FAST lets lunar landers make their own landing pads pre-touchdown

Masten Space Systems is working on a way to protect future lunar landers from the regolith thrown up by their engines as they land, by injecting alumina ceramic particles into the rocket engine plume to glue together lunar dust and create their own landing pads just before touchdown.Continue ReadingCategory: Space, ScienceTags: Moon, Lunar Lander, Masten...

Honda N-Van solo micro-camper seeks out true solitude and zen

As fun as American and European small camper vans are, no one does a proper micro-camper quite like Asia, particularly Japan and South Korea. These adorable tiny rigs often wear a Honda badge, and the latest to grab our attention, with help from bright-yellow paint, is the N-Van solo camper, a kei camper van that's about as dead-simple and tiny as possible...

Smartphones used to check water for pollutants – by tracking paramecia

Even though it's vitally important for people in impoverished nations to check drinking water sources for pollutants, they often lack the facilities for performing such tests. A new system could help, as it uses a smartphone camera to check up on tiny aquatic organisms.Continue ReadingCategory: Good Thinking, LifestyleTags: Micro-organisms, Water, Pollution

Buzzsaw Boss Hog Chopper e-scooter is made for your inner Hell's Angel

While we've seen a number of electric scooters and ebikes that are made to look like classic cafe racer motorcycles, the Buzzsaw Boss Hog Chopper e-scooter is a bit different. As its name implies, it's inspired by big mean ol' custom chopper cycles – just don't try taking it to your local biker bar.Continue ReadingCategory: Urban Transport, TransportTags:...

Sticky-tape module designed to let robots know when floors are clean

Increasingly, robots are being used to autonomously clean floors and other surfaces in places like airports and hospitals. You have to wonder, though … how do they know when a floor is sufficiently clean? A new module could soon tell them.Continue ReadingCategory: Robotics, TechnologyTags: Cleaning, Autonomous

Full-suspension electric kickscooter comes with collision warning system

Oakland-based electric mobility firm Unagi has teamed up with acclaimed industrial designer Yves Behar for a smooth-looking, full-suspension e-kickscoot with AI smarts that warn riders of possible collisions with people or objects.Continue ReadingCategory: Urban Transport, TransportTags: Indiegogo, Electric Vehicles, Last-mile transport, Scooter, Collision,...

First Eli Zero Neighborhood Electric Vehicles go into production

Back in 2018, Los Angeles-based startup Eli Electric Vehicles announced an electric microcar called the Zero for relatively short, low-speed jaunts around town. Now the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle has entered an initial production run.Continue ReadingCategory: Automotive, TransportTags: city car, Electric Vehicles, Mobility, Last-mile transport

Pint-sized tiny house just the ticket for cozy movie nights

Though French tiny houses are always very compact due to the country's strict towing laws, Baluchon goes to great efforts to maximize living space with its models – and this is the case with its recently completed Farniente too. The tiny house contains a relatively large kitchen, a living room with a movie projector and a pull-down screen, plus a small...

Construction begins on the Royal Navy's first Type 31 frigate

A major shipbuilding program for the Royal Navy is now underway, with the first steel being cut for HMS Venturer, the lead ship of the Type 31 Inspiration class frigates. During a ceremony inside a brand-new assembly hall at Babcock International's main facility in Rosyth, Scotland, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace set an automated cutting torch in motion,...

Hard-edged ebike brings beefy MTB specs to your daily urban commute

A full-suspension electric 29er built for the urban jungle, the Belgian-designed Åska may look like the latest electric light motorcycle, but a Gates carbon belt drive and Pinion gearbox keep your feet and calves engaged. The rugged, mountain bike-inspired build is designed to eat up anything the city and surrounds can throw at it, while the modular...

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