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Google Photos finally lets you trash photos directly from albums on Android, but there’s a catch

Google Photos is unarguably the best way to manage your ever-expanding media library. While the big G has made steady improvements to the photo organizing service, it does have its share of odd quirks. One such oddity has been the inability to directly trash photos from an album from the Android app. The feature has been available on the web for years...

Huawei AppGallery vulnerability allows paid apps to be downloaded for free

Following the US ban, Huawei lost access to Google services. As a result, it had to invest more resources into its own software, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), for use on its smartphones. Part of that is the Huawei AppGallery, the company’s alternative to the Google Play Store. Now, the whole point of an app store is to distribute software, and that...

YouTube caters to your non-existent attention span by pointing out exactly which parts of a video are worth watching

We all have those YouTube videos worth watching again and again. Whether it's a six-hour essay about your favorite obscure 90s Japanese dating sim or a 30-second viral clip of the cutest cats on the web, rewatching old content is a routine part of the site. With a bunch of new features for YouTube, users can finally get to the most replayed parts of...

Google's Pixel 6 Japanese ad campaign is quirky and gorgeous

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2021, shortly before Google announced its Pixel 6-series flagships. The Pixel 6 Pro is Google's most ambitious phone to date, but it got off to a very rocky start. And with the recent Pixel 6a announcement, we're curious to see how will Google market its mid-range offering around the globe....

Samsung Gear S3 from 2016 gets a taste of Wear OS thanks to this unofficial build

Smartwatches have been around for well over a decade now, but Wear OS as we know it didn't arrive until 2018. Even then, by a lot of accounts it wasn't until the big G partnered with Samsung for Wear OS 3 that the wearable operating system started becoming a force to reckon with. Right now everyone's paying attention to the existing watches that eventually...

Spotify is teaming up with employers to offer free Premium, so start bugging your boss now

Businesses don't just rely on health insurance to lure potential workers into their fold. Gym memberships, free snacks or meals, even free fitness trackers — there's no shortage of perks that modern companies can use to win over future employees. Spotify is sick of being on the outside of those benefits, so it's introducing a new program to help businesses...

Chromecast Ambient Mode slideshows start dialing back their bandwidth-saving measures

The early days of the pandemic saw the internet faced with an unprecedented surge of traffic, with people restricted to their homes relying on going online for both work and entertainment, leading to slower internet across the globe. In a bid to reduce network congestion and prioritize the more essential stuff, streaming services all over started making...

Amazon finally gets with the times, brings USB-C to the Fire 7 tablet

Google might have renewed its focus on tablets ahead of Android 13, but when it comes to gadgets that people actually buy, there's no better example than Amazon's Fire Tablet lineup. All three models are low-cost entry-level slates perfect for kids, light web browsing, and streaming movies and shows. For the first time since 2019, Amazon is showing...

Google's Russian subsidiary is headed for bankruptcy

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has precipitated tit-for-tat sanctions and other enforcement actions between western powers and Moscow. We've seen stories detailing McDonald's excruciating exit from the Russian market. Now, Google's operations in the country are set to file for bankruptcy.

This new smart lock is built for those who don't want to show off their smart lock

Some homeowners may not want to upgrade to a smart lock as they want to preserve the look and aesthetic of their front door. If that's you, but you want the benefits of smart home integration on your front door, August's new Smart Deadbolt with Wi-Fi may be built for you.

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