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How Do Leaders Impact Our Definition of Responsibility?

What happens when our sense of responsibility breaks down? -- Read more on

Chocolate Treats Have Been a Part of Our History for At Least 5,000 Years

Not a trick: We’ve been hooked on chocolate treats for a long time. -- Read more on

Most Initial Conversations Go Better Than People Think

We're largely overestimating how much our feelings are on display to others -- Read more on

The Impact of Politics on Workplace Productivity

The always-on media cycle means political news is at our fingertips. What does this mean for employers? -- Read more on

Who are the Indigenous People that Columbus Met?

Peaceful and warring—where does the truth lie about the Indigenous people of the Caribbean? -- Read more on

"Whose Land Do You Live On?" Reminds Americans Colonization Happened in Their Backyards

First Peoples populated America long before Europeans arrived to stake their claim. We have largely forgotten this legacy. A mapping tool is looking to change that -- Read more on

On Indigenous People's Day, the Fight for Bears Ears Remained Unresolved

Since Theodore Roosevelt all but four presidents—Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush—have used the Antiquities Act to enlarge or dedicate new national... -- Read more on

What Makes the Human Foot Unique?

Adding a chapter in the story of what makes us human -- Read more on

What drives our quest for the perfect Instagram picture?

Instagram is a social mirror for more than just selfies -- Read more on

73,000-Year-Old Hashtag Is Oldest Example of Abstract Art

A silica flake from Blombos Cave contains the oldest example of prehistoric abstract art, and it looks like one of the most used symbols online -- Read more on

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