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We now have a limited edition release of this single bag lot from Hacienda Santa Rosa on our shelves. Yep, Gustavo only had about 150 lbs worth of yield and we got it all. It's a new micro plot surrounded and isolated by forest corridors on all sides. This plot has similar elevation to Buena Esperanza. High nitrogen soil and it's planted under the existing rustic hardwood canopy. This is a beautiful plot and a beautiful coffee. Available at @barismo171 and @barismo364.

Hot draft of a Thai coffee we brewed with @beanspirecoffee. Thailand is a producing country with a lot of potential but also several problems to overcome in the near term. Storage of green, processing, and varietals to name a few. The biggest problem will be one of brand. As Thai coffee improves, it will face a perception bias. Many roasters will simply write it off because they will lump it in with other asian coffees. That means lower price offers and often a basic unwillingness to sample them. We are betting that over the next few years companies like beanspire will overcome many of the hurdles to get better. Expect more info on that this winter.

New seating and signage @barismo171. One of several projects these last few months. Our staff put a lot of work into the remodel so drop by and give them props for the improvements.

(Pic:The nursery at Hacienda Santa Rosa/aka Buena Esperanza/El Plan/Cerro Verde) Buying direct isn't a well defined term and we all have our own interpretation. A staff discussion about another roaster 'well, they are new. Don't roasters do direct buying later on....'. Since that roaster already dresses the coffees and talks about the importance of farm relationships, so the question of why they weren't buying direct yet was topical. We can't speak for the industry peers, but for barismo, it was a core value from the beginning. We went down and started sourcing directly with visits and purchases our first year. We set up our business in Jan 2008 but didn't open until late summer with our first few direct buys in hand. Thise first buys amounted to over 40k or about what we put into roasted gear. We felt both were of equal importance if we wanted to be taken seriously. It was a bit of a risk to drop that much money on coffee when we could have focused on turning spot coffees every 30 days. We felt without the farm relationship, it would just be selling coffees we didn't really know that well. This was eight years ago, so it was really not as common a thing to source directly. The idea was that you can't dip your toes in the water, you have to invest early if you want to build real meaningful change. Waiting would have made it much harder to get off of spot buying and into sourcing directly. Now we have farmers like Gustavo (Hacienda Santa Rosa) that we really truly collaborate with (coming up on 5 years). We find ourselves in contact with many of our partners at the farm level year round because the farm and roasting businesses are tied together. They are excited, and should be, by our success because they share top billing in it. #coffee #directtrade #barismocoffee

The runaway favorite of the last two days @barismo295 was by far our draft latte. It looks cool and it tastes good. It's really exciting to see Kendall adopt something so new, so quick. Thank you for the warm welcome. #draftlatte #latte #coffeegeek

Cold shots in a chilled glass really hits the spot in this weather. Solid feedback so far. We are working to make them even colder, if we can. These puppies have the same strength (tds/brix) as a real espresso but the caffeine of a small filter coffee. Before we served it up, we sent it off for caffeine testing to make sure our draft products aren't unusually caffeinated. Testing came back good for us, but doesn't speak to other cold brew methods... so YMMV.πŸ΅πŸ€“

Drop by @barismo364 Broadway, Cambridge this coming week. Barismo will be testing out some new draft coffee concepts that should be appearing on an updated menu this week. The draft latte (pictured) combines our milk faucet with a true draft shot concept. We took up the challenge when we heard shops were serving regular coldbrew in a 1:1 ratio with milk (out of taps and in cans) but calling it draft lattes. The quick thought was, 'hey that's just an au lait' but the second thought was 'but what if it was done right, how could we do that.' First, we had to create a cold shot of equal measured strength to an actual espresso. Then we Nitro it to get espresso like crema. Assemble and make sure it worked flavorwise in a real latte proportion (coffee:milk, 1:4ish). It really did in the best way. The result is a stone cold iced latte topped with a presistent cold micro foam.

Top(our transparent pricing), bottom was sent to us by @santaanacoffee (see @truthtradingco for more co like this). barismo "was mentioned in the sustainability table here at the Anacafé 27th Congress" in Guatemala. πŸ˜†πŸ–’πŸ‘ We've been buying direct since 2008 and working on an evolving partnership approach with farms. While many roasters are adopting farm direct or directly traded looking labels, there was one piece missing: the ability to draw a line between the price we set for quality with farms and the price we set for coffee fans like you. πŸ΅πŸ€“ For barismo, they are linear and quite related, which isn't often the case in our industry, but maybe that can change✌#coffee #directtrade

We've been doing a popup in Kendall Sq outside @barismo295 ahead of opening. There has been some coffee and swag going out every Friday. Our new neighbors at Cove are bringing in a piece that's essential to the community. Check this video out for more on our visions: Over the next few weeks, we will be hiring to staff up in Kendall and across barismo. On the retail side, with the new space, we need to add barista, floor supervisors, and even some baking/kitchen help. On the roasting operations side, we are looking for packing, roasting, coldbrew kegging/bottling, and more. Big moves with Kendall Sq. opening soon and a big scale up in our roasting/bottling divisions this same month. Email if you are interested. #barismo #barista #coworking #kendallsquare

Nitro coffee is all about those bubbles πŸ˜‰πŸ–’ Far left is coldbrew pouring next to nitro on the right. The color difference is clear. Those tiny bubbles give authentic Nitro coffee an almond color and add that interesting mouthfeel. We will expand the draft bar this week to include two secret new innovations 😲 #coldbrew #coldbrewcoffee #coffee #nitro

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