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Armored Dino's Best Defense Was a Nose for Trouble

An early armored dinosaur lacked the weaponized tail of a famous cousin, but it made up for it with a good-enough sense of smell.

New Horned Dinosaurs Had Spiked Neck Shields

The distinctive dinos were found in Utah and Montana, with each sporting spiked neck shields.

Snoring Lizards Reveal Sleep Predates Dinosaurs

Sleep patterns like REM and SWS evolved in a common animal ancestor more than 300 million years ago.

Titanosaur Had Big Body, Small Brain, Major Appetite

A new titanosaur has just been found with one of the best-preserved skulls ever discovered for a dinosaur.

Some Giant Dinos Had Cute Little Babies: Photos

A recently discovered baby dinosaur was about the size of a golden retriever upon hatching, yet its parents grew to be the largest animals ever to walk the Earth.

Dinosaur Die Out Was Gradual, Miserable, Painful

Life went from really bad to worse for dinosaurs in the years preceding the asteroid impact, new research shows.

Video Shows Evolution of Largest Dinosaurs

Freakishly long necks led to the evolution of the world’s largest dinosaurs, suggests a new video.

'Dino Chicken' Created: Part Bird, Part Dinosaur

Dino-Chicken steps closer to reality as scientists develop chicken embryos with leg bones identical to those of dinosaurs.

Pregnant T. rex Found, May Contain DNA

Fragments of DNA may be preserved in the fossil of the pregnant T. rex.

New Dino Reveals How T. rex Became Top Predator

Tyrannosaurus rex evolved from horse-sized scrappy dinos with relatively big brains and super sharp hearing.

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