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Elaborate Neanderthal Structure Found

Neanderthals built some of the world's earliest constructions, which were just found deep in a French cave.

Loss of Y Chromosome Linked to Alzheimer's

About one in five men over age 80 lose the Y chromosome, and the condition has now been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

DNews: Do Moms Really Know Why Their Babies Are Crying?

Mothers can seem to have an innate sense for exactly what's bugging their wailing infants. What does science have to say about that?

Why Does Dirty Laundry Stink?

Anyone who has tried to stretch a T-shirt one day too many knows the acrid scent of a dirty piece of clothing.

Unmasking a Cheese Impostor

To produce authentic Parmesan, cheesemakers must use milk from cows who have not fed on silage, a fermented cereal used in animal feed. Using a gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) method, the researchers analyzed more than 300 samples of a variety of cheeses, including Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Fontina, Comté and Gruyère. The team...

DNews: Hand Washing: Are We Doing It Wrong?

The good news is that the vast majority of us wash our hands after using public restrooms. The bad news is we're not spending enough time scrubbing.

Texting Blocks Brain's 'Sixth Sense' During Driving

HERING ILLUSIONPerhaps the best representation of blurred lines and how they apply to optical illusions is the Hering illusion. Its radial spokes are blurred lines, all emanating from a single point. Those lines tell us where we are heading: forwards, towards the center.The reason the two vertical lines appear to bow in the middle is because the radial...

Ancient Humans, Dogs Hunted Mastodon in Florida

The first Floridians were a hearty bunch that hunted big game, kept dogs and crafted sharp stone tools.

13 Things You Shouldn't Do on Friday the 13th

Feeling lucky? Push your luck with this list of 13 things you should never do, according to various superstitions.

Fake Jellyfish and Other (Fake) Chinese Delicacies

The latest scandal highlights China's long history of lax food safety standards.

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