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Huge Tsunamis May Have Ravaged Ancient Mars

When Mars was a wet world, did its oceans experience powerful tsunamis spawned by meteorite impacts?

Collapsing Cosmic Clouds Birth Black Hole Monsters

Supermassive black holes occupy all known galaxies, but astronomers have little idea how they formed. Now space telescopes have found a clue.

Mystery Plumes: Did the Sun Bruise Mars?

Strange plumes have been spotted high in the Martian atmosphere that have, so far, defied explanation. Now scientists think space weather is to blame.

NASA Probe Tracks Object in Solar System's Badlands

While coasting through the outer solar system, NASA's New Horizons is busying itself with astronomical observations of a distant Kuiper Belt Object.

Solar Superflares Set Stage for Life on Earth

Earth could have grown warm enough for liquid water as far back as 4 billion years ago thanks to massive and frequent solar flares.

See the Red Planet with Your Own Eyes This Weekend

Mars reaches opposition this weekend, making Saturday and Sunday (May 21 and 22) an opportune time to see the Red Planet with your own eyes.

Another Kuiper Belt Discovered Around Nearby Star

A nearby star system has been discovered sporting its own Kuiper belt -- a region populated with ancient icy comets and asteroids.

Blazing SpaceX Rocket Suffered 'Max' Damage

After delivering its payload, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket ripped through the atmosphere to make a record-breaking ocean landing. But it came at a cost.

Glass Beads in Australia Point to Huge Asteroid Hit

Australian scientists have found evidence of a huge asteroid they say slammed into Earth some 3.46 billion years ago — making it the second oldest known to have hit the planet and larger than the one blamed for wiping out the dinosaurs.Andrew Glikson, from the Australian National University’s Planetary Institute, said that while the asteroid would have...

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