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190 - Taking a Phone Message

600 - Talking About Sight

600 - Talking About Sight

If you can’t read this, then put on your glasses and listen to this episode on having bad eyes. Slow dialogue: 1:07 Explanations: 2:45 Fast dialogue: 15:19 Sue: This medication I’m taking is messing with my vision. Everything is blurry. Hamed: That’s a good reason for you to stay home from work today. Sue: I can’t. I have to give...

190 - Taking a Phone Message

Learn how to take and leave phone messages in this podcast. Slow dialog: 0:57 Explanations: 3:42 Fast dialog: 21:10 I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home. As soon as I walked in the door, though, the phone rang. Paolo: Hello. Evelyn: Hi, could I speak to Tony? Paolo: He’s not here right now. Can I take a message?...

110 - Hotel Reservations

Learn how to make a hotel reservation in English in this podcast. Slow dialog: 1:27 Explanations: 4:21 Fast dialog: 14:53 I just finished a huge project at work and I needed some down time. I decided to take a short vacation. I liked the idea of a long weekend out of town. My friend Sara offered to let me crash at her place in San Francisco,...

124 - Asking for Clarification in a Business Meeting

Learn how to ask for clarification in English in this podcast. Slow dialog: 0:54 Explanations: 2:29 Fast dialog: 12:46 I was negotiating a contract with a new business partner, and we had a meeting to clarify the terms. Bill: If I understand the terms correctly, the length of the contract would be one year with a one-year option. Is that...

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English Cafe 583

Topics: Andersonville Prison; garbage versus litter versus trash versus rubbish; downtime; pronouncing eight, height, and weight Words: Confederacy Union slavery to capture prisoner of war starvation disease skeleton war crimes to be hanged to execute National Historic Site veteran garbage litter trash rubbish downtime

1,264 - Customer Loyalty Programs

Get something extra for always shopping at the same store. Learn how in this episode. Slow dialog: 1:35 Explanations: 4:48 Fast dialog: 20:07 Wynn: I’ve come up with a surefire way to bring in more business. Dixie: How? Wynn: We’ll start a customer loyalty program. All of the big businesses have them. Dixie: I’m not sure how they...

1,263 - Bragging About Success With Men

What happens when you fall in love with a beautiful woman? You may just find you have company. Learn all about it in this episode. Slow dialog: 1:19 Explanations: 3:17 Fast dialog: 17:59 Evan: Who are going out with tonight? Chantelle: I’m not sure. I might go to dinner with Steve or Eduardo or Jim. Evan: Dinner is in a couple of...

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