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My Passion to *Become* Something More

What is my personal passion and interest in life? Not merely to do more, learn more, think more, experience more, and adventure and attempt more … but to *become* more! What does this mean?

No Aesthetic or Ethos is Forever

A thought and realization: There is no perfect aesthetic, ethos or approach to anything in life. No matter how good or perfect something you discover or create, sooner or later you will either bore or tire of it, or change your mind. Thus the goal is to always delight in the new, to strive to discover deeper truths about x, y,...

Black is Boring

I don’t know about you, but the trend of “all black everything” is starting to bore me. For example all black cars — it is a boring trend. Better to opt for more bold, vibrant and audacious colors! And with clothing and fashion — perhaps best to opt for the outlandish and loud than the “elegant” and boring look? The Philosophy of Aesthetics...

iPhone Photography Workflow

iPhone as great for photography workflow. Some thoughts:

The Zen of Having the Best

Why do we want to have the “best”? My theory: We desire to have the best things in order to not think about it anymore, the zen of not having to explore any further options (no longer needing to “optimize” or “betterfy” your tools), and to focus on what’s truly important to you — adventure, exploration, thinking and artistic creation!

Flex Your Own Art!

Rather than flexing your knowledge about artists x, y, z as a form to flex your “wokeness” — better to disdain other artists and to flex your own art work! The Art of Art NONFUTURE film by Cindy Nguyen INSPIRE YOURSELF with HAPTIC. A Life of Artistic and Creative Leisure Creating and Sharing Out of...

In Praise of the New

What is a life without the new? Not life at all. True life thrives on the new! New adventures, new sights, new tools, new films, new music, new fashion, new ideas — thrive in the new! Entrepreneurship by KIM Become the change which you desire to see manifested in the world! Become you. Uncorrupted Desires...

Who Dictates the Aesthetic?

Do you define the aesthetic or does the aesthetic define you? The problem with trends in aesthetics: We allow the aesthetic to define us, rather than the other way around. For example, the trend of “all black everything” or any other fashion trends. Do we follow the aesthetic trend, and try to fit ourselves into this aesthetic...

The Art of Post Processing

Processing your photos as a creative and artistic act — it is an artistic thing that you do! You don’t *need* to post process your photos, you can “pre-process” them! RICOH GR III, JPEG, high contrast black and white filter in-camera One of the huge conveniences of shooting with a JPEG filter or film simulation on your digital...

Life Design

What’s the most important thing to design, designate, control, modify and transfigure in existence? Your life! What does this include? This includes where you live, in which neighborhood you live, the type of apartment or home you live in (the size, the concept, the design aesthetics etc). And the most important thing — figure out the #1 thing...

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