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What do we delight in? Faster flow. A faster and higher bandwidth for internet (5G and Fiber Optic Wi-Fi at home), faster recharge times, less lag and bigger and faster spouts to stream more, faster!

In Praise of Photos for Memories

What’s the biggest benefit and boon of photos? The ability to spark and conjure up great past memories.

On Becoming a Free Spirited Photographer

What is our goal as photographers? To become more free-spirited. To see fewer boundaries between different types of things to photograph, and to just photograph it all; the fullest and widest scope and depth of human existence and experience.

Artistic Thriving

This is our goal as visual artists!


To be happier, be more a part of society. Better to be part of a “bad” society than no society.

Why Become a ‘Better’ Photographer?

We all seek betterment in our photography. But why? Podcast What does it mean to become a better photographer? First of all let us think: What does it mean to be a ‘better’ photographer? I say a better photographer is a photographer who is more curious, more daring, and more skilled...

What does it mean to become a “better” photographer?

Stronger compositions, becoming more fearless (more brave, more brazen and audacious). Less hesitating. More prideful in our work and more optimistic for the future of our photographic life!

Resentment is Not Worthy Of Us Philosophers

Resentment as a vice and disease. To us high and lofty philosophers let us banish resentment as below us and as a cancer to our mind and soul.


ADHERESteer clear of gossip and distractions, things that blind you from actionAdhere to your goal and own path in life. Stab it close, hardened knife. Adhere and stay solidStay wokeDisregard what’s broken or missingJust follow your own internal muse and listen. ERIC POEMS by KIM ADAMANTINE MINDCONTEMPLATE.STEEL...

How to Become a More Creative Photographer

FREE TURBO THOUGHTS Dear friend, Some real thoughts on creativity: PDF TEXT: How-to-Become-a-More-Creative-Photographer-2Download What is a photographer? First of all- let us ask, what is a photographer? I say a photographer is a child who loves to create images. I think even as a kid, I loved...

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