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Optimize it For You.

Don’t optimize it for Google, social media, or even for others — optimize it for yourself — for your own ultimate ease of use.

Anti Prior Planning

Never plan a thing a day or night before — only the day of, or the moment of.

10 Efficiency Tips

Dear friends, on my never ending quest towards maximum efficiency in life, some thoughts: 1. Don’t own a car First of all, don’t own a car. just like Brad Pitt from fight club, remember the scene when he says he doesn’t own a car? Rather than being the guy who has the coolest car, it is a much better flex to not own any car. For example, I am...

Creator or Critic?

In this short and uncertain life of ours, do we even have sufficient time and energy to criticize and critique things? If you are to critique things, do it constructively. And also hidden in every single criticism and critique in other things and people, know there is also a hidden admiration of things and people. For...

Material Matter

Why do materials matter? Because when it comes to aesthetics, or how we perceive and internalize things, it changes our mood, our sense of power, and something hidden within us.

Black is Zen

One of the main reasons I love black so much — it is the ultimate zen color. ZEN THOUGHTS ZEN THOUGHTS Less is better: The Beauty of Zero I Don’t Desire More Excitement in My Life, I Desire More ZEN in my Life VIA NEGATIVA AESTHETICS Caffeine & Zen The Zen of Street Photography ADRENALINE &...

Focus on Yourself

My new goal for myself: striving to make myself limitless. Why? Something I’ve learned about life: you have the most power and independence, when you only rely on yourself. In order to become more efficient, and economical, don’t waste your energy trying to motivate others, just motivate yourself to the maximum. ...

Efficient Clothing

What’s the most efficient clothes?


We must go further. Upon embarking on my 30,000 steps a day challenge the thought: range, long range is a good goal. For example, perhaps the best cars aren’t the fastest ones, but the ones with the longest range. Why range? What is the purpose of a car? Transportation. And the least amount of encumbrance is good. For example,...

Keep or Pass?

Many Life decisions can be put into this binary: keep it, or decide to pass it.

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