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Optimal Simplicity

For a long time, I always thought minimalism was the goal. Now I’m starting to realize that minimalism ain’t the goal, and it is a trap. Too many of us millenials fall victim to the “minimalism for minimalism sake” or “minimalism as a form of elite virtue-signaling”. What the true goal is optimal simplicity. To choose the option(s) in life which...

Emulate Yourself

In an interview Peter Thiel said of Elon Musk: Elon Musk is not a good role model, as he is too difficult to emulate. But when I think deeper about it: Why strive to emulate others? Why not strive to just emulate yourself? The post Emulate Yourself appeared first on ERIC KIM.

In Praise of Editing Photos on iPad

I believe all photographers will benefit hugely from owning an iPad. Even the cheapest one is fine — only $329! Why iPad? Well, after experimenting with all the different ways of editing and selecting flagging photos, I get the most joy from using iPad to look through my photos. Why? First of all, it feels more intimate to be “holding”...

The More You Shoot, the Better

I was thinking: How much *should* you shoot in photography? And my general thought: The more you shoot, the better. Why? Creative iteration. The more you shoot, the more you learn. The more you shoot, the more risks you take which can lead to creative new photographic innovations. Also, if you want to make more interesting...

How Many Photos Should You Shoot Everyday?

Certainly there isn’t a certain quota of photos you should everyday, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem to hurt to shoot a lot of photos everyday. Lately I’ve been quite productive with shooting — around 800-1000 photos a day. For myself, this seems to be beneficial. Shooting small JPEG, with high contrast monochrome or cross process filter...

In Photography Even the Smallest Thing Can be a Leitmotif

I think I finally have this Henri Cartier-Bresson quote figured out: The beauty of photography is that you can reveal beauty in even the smallest thing. Or in other words: All things, no matter how small can be beautiful. Then it is simply your task as a photographer to strive to seek, discover, notice, and document these...

No Photos, No Life.

Why photography? It is the great affirmation of (new) life. I myself wouldn’t desire a life and existence without photography. The post No Photos, No Life. appeared first on ERIC KIM.

How to Conquer Your Creative Fears

Creative fears: They typically have to do with your fear of negative judgements from others. Don’t fear repeating yourself First — recognize it isn’t bad to “repeat” oneself. In fact, repetition is an essential part of the creative process. Don’t fear confusing your audience Disregard artistic...

Good Fear, Bad Fear

Good fear: fear which keeps you alive. For example my fear of dying if texting while driving, or walking on the street while texting. Bad fear: fear of social chastisement which prevents me from pursuing my artistic and creative passions in life. Good fears are mostly physiological; fear of a potentially early death, or permanent disfigurement...

5 Creative Photography Motivation Ideas

Get free photographic motivation on ERIC KIM NEWSLETTER > Dear friend, Some quick creative motivational ideas to get you going: PDF TEXT: 5 Creative Photography Motivation IdeasDownload In Praise of Creative Repetition Just because someone has done it before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try doing it: For...

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