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Powerlifting Style Workouts at the Park

Simple ideas to get you going: Basic idea The basic idea is this: Go for a ‘one rep max’ styled workout — the most difficult maneuver you can do (once). For example: Rock toss (clean and jerk style, or sumo deadlift style), or see how far you can toss the rockMuscle upRings muscle up (or progression on some...

Entrepreneurship is Best During Uncertain Times

This seems very counter-intuitive, but the best time to start your own business and entrepreneurial endeavor is during uncertain times (like now!) PODCAST Entrepreneurship Is Best During Uncertain Times

Quit the News

The best thing you can do for your mental and physiological health: quit the news. The best way to conquer fear and anxiety. How the news is evil I can confidently and staunchly say: The news is evil. How and why? Not out of intent to be evil, but simply how the mechanism of the news works. Fear...

How to Conquer Anxiety

Practical thoughts: 1. No fear of death or the after life

Deep Self-Confidence

Self confidence that goes deep into your core.

True Wealth

True wealth as health. As physiological “power overwhelming”. As deep self confidence. Freedom from anxiety, fear, and death.

How to Augment Your Power

Your power: Your self confidenceYour focusYour influence Your impact Your body and physical strength

What Do Living Beings Want?

Living biological organisms desire to exhibit, exert, and augment their power.

Morality and Ethics is the Snare

Upon thinking deeply — it isn’t anxiety, fear, or even fear of pain and death which holds us back. It is morality and ethics — notions of “guilt”, “shame”, and punishment. If you want to fly higher, you must become amoral.

Social Science

Social science is not a critical and hard science like math or physics, but I see it more as an approach and aesthetic.

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