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Some of my favorite street photos: Dark Skies Over Tokyo, 2017

How to Make Better Photos of Your Kids

As parents, we all want to make better photos of our kids. Some thoughts: First of all, shoot a lot. For myself, I should maybe 300 to 200 photos of Seneca a day, extra small JPEG on my Ricoh GR 3X digital camera. Second, macro mode. This means close focusing mode on your camera, focus on your ears, their eyes, their feet, their hands...

How to improve your posture

A thought; only do certain types of weightlifting at the gym which involves standing. Rack pull, squat hold atlas lift. Also, practice walking with Vibram five finger shoes, or barefoot. My thought of a a lot of poor modern day posher comes from the fact that people wear shoes with soles in them.


I confess, God in the flesh, turn churches into arenas. – JAY Z

Build and invest in your own dreams

How to get rich

Getting rich is super simple; just don’t waste money.

NEWS: Why You Are Important

Yes, you are important. Your thoughts, your ideas, your creative ideas, your innovations, etc. Your ideas can be a gift and a blessing to humankind. It is your duty to share these ideas, innovations with others. Why you are important First and foremost, I do not think human importance is a zero sum thing. I personally...


Huge shout out to Apple and the operating system team; do not disturb mode as one of the best innovations of all time. Perhaps it is a good idea to always be in do not disturb mode:

How to Shoot Better Bodybuilding Flexing Photos of Yourself

My prediction is that muscle, fitness, aesthetics in regards to the human body is the future. Funny enough, recently, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my physique, and how “lean“ I am. First and foremost, get a Ricoh GR 3X digital camera. Because it has no anti-aliasing filter, it is so insanely sharp, and...

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