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The Benefits of CBD Oil

Find out why CBD has become one of the most popular wellness products in the world. Learn the benefits of CBD oil and more!

Does Knowing Your Learning Style Help You Learn Better? Science Says No

Whether you prefer visuals, audio, reading or writing, the concept of learning styles is the most widespread myth in education. Here are some science-backed alternatives.

The Science Behind Ouija Boards

Spoiler: It’s not ghosts. But this spooky game, or tool, does involve what some psychologists call 'zombie mind.' And it reveals other fascinating things about the human psyche and behavior.

Real Medical Conditions that May Have Inspired Vampire and Werewolf Myths

Throughout history, superstition drove many unlikely diagnoses for scary medical conditions. Then science caught up.

Earth Sciences and the Climate Crisis

Earth Sciences are in a prime position to help mitigate our climate crisis ... but has the burden of knowing it was part of the reason we're in one.

Oil And Gas Industry Has Suffered 800 Major Methane Leaks Since 2017

A new satellite imaging technique is helping to reveal the scale of the methane leak problem.

How Army Ants Build City-Like Nests Using Their Own Bodies

For the first time, scientists have recorded and visualised the internal structure of living cities made by army ants

Will Climate Change Force Humans to Relocate?

Around the world, climate change will force people to migrate to more livable locales. But no one knows exactly how many will be displaced.

Looking Back at the Challenger Disaster

The 1986 explosion caused the first-ever in-flight NASA deaths. Now, it's clear that bureaucratic errors are to blame.

Scientific Discoveries That Changed The World

DNA, gravity and germ theory are just a few of the key findings in history that forever shifted the course of human civilization.

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