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Podcast #967: Hearing Loss and Hi Res Audio

On this week’s show we ask if you would be OK sharing your wifi with your neighborhood as part of a Mesh network to improve the reliability of your wireless devices. That’s what Amazon wants to do with the project Sidewalk. We also discuss Hi Res Audio and old folks hearing. Are these recordings in Hi Res format worth it? As usual we read your emails...

Podcast #966: The 6 Best TV’s - Summer 2020 according to RTINGS.COM

On today’s show we discuss the four places to avoid putting your Amazon Echo and the six best TVs of the Summer 2020 (as if anything good can come out of 2020 ;-). We go through listener emails and discuss some of the news of the week in an action pack episode!

Podcast #965: New Samsung UST Projector, Optimized 4K Encoding, and Hue Outdoor Lights

On this week’s show Samsung introduces two new Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors, Netflix starts streaming 4K content with shot-optimized encoding using a 4K VMAF model to reduce the bandwidth load on networks. We also include a discussion of Ara’s new outdoor lighting using Hue Outdoor lights. Video included! We have listener emails and a voice comment...

Podcast #964: Samsung Hybrid QD-OLED, Six Cheap Security Devices, and the Optoma CinemaX P2

On today’s show, Samsunghas a hybrid TV in the works that combines the best of OLED and QLED named QD-OLED. Nothing confusing there! We discuss six super cheap home security devices and Optoma released the P2CinemaX UST Projector. All that plus news and your emails!

Podcast #963: Micro vs Mini LED and Rob Jones CTO of Enclave Audio

On today's show we compare Micro and Mini LED and have an Interview with Rob Jones the CTO of Enclave Audio, makers of a wireless 5.1 home theater system that is easy to set up anywhere in your home without the need of speaker wire. And as always we read some listener email and take a look at the news of the week.

Podcast #962: Do You need 8K? Spoiler Alert… the answer is No!

This week we ask whether Allen should open his factory sealed Empire Strikes Back VHS tape so he can digitize it. We also breakout sales of the top 10 selling discs by format, Finally we make a case for not buying an 8K TV just yet. We also read your emails and take a look at the news on an action packed episode!!

Podcast #961: Fall TV and Sonos ARC

On today’s show we breakdown the Top 50 Disc sellers format market share and look at a few shows that were either canceled or renewed for the upcoming Fall season with the most thorough resource we have found on this subject from Rotten Tomatoes. Finally we take a look at the Sonos ARC soundbar with a review from the Verge. All that plus your email...

Podcast #960: Mulan, Cheap 98 inch 4K TV, and TCL 8-Series

On today’s show we discuss Disney releasing Mulan on Disney+ with an additional $29.99 charge. Is this the world we have been hoping for? We also take a look at a really “cheap” 98 inch 4K TV. And finally we try to determine if the new TCL 8 Series mini-LED TVis Braden’s next buy. All that plus news and your emails

Podcast #959: Alexa Live 2020

On today’s show we ask the question whether a $300 toaster with a touchscreen is worth buying. We take a look at Klipsch’s Soundbar killer the Fives and we give you a rundown of the Alexa Live 2020 conference. All that plus your emails and news!

Podcast #958: Do Soundbars Suck?

On today’s show we look at how people are using their smart speakers with their smart TVs, ask the question, if Soundbars Suck, and provide you with the definitive resource list for finding content on Netflix. As usual we read you listener email and go through some news stories for the week.

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