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Weekly Treat: Animal Tweets (September 21th, 2020)

Every week, we scour the vast terrain of twitter in the search of twitter's most popular animal tweets. Take a look at the animals that everyone are talking about this week and enjoy the marvel that is twitter and everything that comes with it. This week, we offer baby goats, dogs in dresses, cats sleeping in adorable ways, and much, much more. Really,...

Cat Meme Legend, "Longcat" Has Passed Away At Age 18

Most of you have seen the longcat meme but not everyone knows who the longcat is. Longcat, who's real name is Shiro-chan, but is referenced to as "Nobiko," the Japanese translated of "longcat." Shiro-chan took the internet by storm in 2006. Shiro-chan rose to fame when an image of the white feline reportedly stood at 65cm from head to toe. Eventually,...

Bear Cubs Playing Just Like Little Kids Do (Video)

This is just too cute for words! Turns out, bear cubs play just the same as human kids! They'll climb, rolls around, jump, explore their surroundings, and just enjoy each other's company! The video itself is 8 years old, and the camera work is definitely shaky, but the content is simply too good and too cute to forget about. A mean... a playground full...


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Instagram Cats: Funniest, Cutest And All-Around Best Of The Week (Videos)

Another week means it's time to reflect on the best cat videos we came across on Instagram. We are constantly searching for the best of the best to deliver, and this week we have another purrfect blend of funny meets cute. What are cats? Yes, they're cute. But they're also unpredictable and quite crazy. If they want something, they'll make sure to get...

Rare Moments: Animals With Butterflies On Their Noses

Chance encounters between different species are always something to behold. Puppies with kittens, cats with babies, big scary cats with tiny house cats, it's all incredibly adorable. But what are the chances of a butterfly sitting on an animal's nose? And not only that but capturing such a moment in a photo? That's as rare as these moments get.Today,...

Morning Wake Up Call: Fresh Animal Memes (September 20th, 2020)

Gooood morning, animal lovers! It's Sunday so it's time to round-up the overall best animal memes we came across from this past week! There's seriously nothing like waking up, putting on your comfy slippers, making that delicious hot cup of coffee, and finally settling down in front of the computer to do all your favorite morning scrolls! Hopefully,...

Golden Lion Tamarin: Adorable Monkeys Of Sunshine

Monkeys are naturally adorable so we needed to take a moment to appreciate the monkeys made from sunshine rays -- the golden lion tamarin! The golden lion tamarin gets its name from its lion-like thick mane and it's beautiful silky, long golden fur. It's an unusually bright and striking animal that can only be found in Rio de Janeiro, and even there...

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