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Guy Builds An Epic Mirror Maze For His Cats

The epic mirror maze is finally here ad these cats are trying to escape from the Illusion! And all we can say after watching this video is that there are three kinds of cats in the world:1. The ones who escape easily2. The ones who question their life3. And the ones who don't care Submitted by: (via Kittisaurus) Tagged: mirror , funny cats , maze...

New Project Takes Gorgeous Portraits Of Shelter Dogs To Encourage Adoption

Unleashed Fur Is an Idaho-based pet photography company who offers her services to the Idaho Humane Society for more than 10 years. Their latest project together is a beautiful series of dog portraits hoping to help those adorable fur babies get adopted faster. All the flattering photos are presented on their Instagram page and you know the drill...More...

Bronze Metal Tributes To Special Animals Who Deserve To Be Remembered

All across the world you can find timeless metal tributes to all sorts of adorable beasts doing heroic deeds.   And yes, they are all good boys and girls. Check out some of the world's most heartwarming bronze creatures below.  1. Monument to laboratory mice, Novosibirsk, Russia 2. Statue of Balto, NYC, United States 3. Towser, Glenturrent...

Japan's Largest Delivery company Is Called "Black Cat" And It Delivers Mini Cat Trucks

Japanese people are known for their love for cats. "Kuroneko Yamato" is one of Japan's largest delivery services. In English, it means "Black Cat Yamato". No wonder, then, that the company has recruited an adorable black kitty as its new delivery driver.  1. The company's logo shows a black cat carrying their kitten by the scruff of their neck to...

A Group Of Volunteers Saves a Tiny Seal Who Was Stuck In Rocks For Hours

What started as a daily routine of relaxing on the rocks after a swimming session didn't go as planned for this adorable baby seal. Fortunately for the poor creature, a group of people who were walking on the beach, spotted him and called the kind-hearted volunteers of St. Mary's Island Wildlife conservation. 1. After resting on the rocks of St....

Hear me out

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Adorable Kitties Being Gently Held By Loving Human Hands

That's what we call a handful of kitties. Don't even try to deny these touching photos don't make your heart melt. Awwww! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Submitted by: Tagged: kitten , cute , cute cats , cat photos , Cats Share on Facebook

Cats Posing As Pin-Up Girls

The premise behind this cool match-up is simple – find a picture of a beautiful pinup, and then find a picture of a funny cat that matches it (or the other way around). Cute kitties and beautiful pinups go well together just like cute kitties and... well, just about anything else, really. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8....

Doggo Dreams Bring Forth The Doggo Memes (34 Memes)

Delivery! Come get your fresh hot doggo memes! Perfectly perfect in every way, shape, and form! We love us some sizzling hot dogs! Who wouldn't? And with the 4th of July right behind us, hot dogs are just about all we can think about! So, let's get this hot dog party started! We've provided the funnies, and you can provide us with the laughs! Get ready...

Dirty drier

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