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Baby Orangutans At World's Largest Orangutan Rescue And Care Center (Video)

These adorable faces are glimpses of what it's like behind the scenes at BOS Nyaru Menteng, the world's largest orangutan rescue and care center. This video shows the lovely babies enjoying a tasty snack before going to sleep and then they are placed in the "babies nest" where the caretakers help them relax. Sadly, these adorable babies are orphans,...


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Unsolicited Dik-Dik pic

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Oh no, what have u done woofer

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Mid-Week Wholesome Animal Pics And Memes For The Soul

It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing... we're officially halfway through the week! We just need to get over this hump and we'll be in reach of the weekend! We can do but not alone, we need a wholesome boost of animal goodness to get us there. With that boost, we'll be propelled forward, and the sooner we get to the weekend, the better.There...

Awwdorable Twitter Thread Of Farm Animal Appreciation

Right as we needed it, @RllGJUlCE comes to the rescue with the most enormous twitter thread of wholesomeness we've seen in a loooong time. We wanna thank this user for taking the time and collecting all of these heartwarming pictures of what we truly believe are animals that don't get nearly as much love as they deserve. So, it's time to give them that...

Artist Creates Memorable 'Poorly Drawn Cats' (Tweets)

We love poorly drawn cats just as much as we love really detailed and incredible drawings of cats. The importance of a cat drawing doesn't lie in detail, it lies in its movement and expression. If you can look at a simple and 'poorly' drawn cat and see a cat, then you have succeeded. The artist behind these simplicity amazing drawings is Heloísa Nora,...

Tiny Owl Rescued From Christmas Tree Is Set Free

A story truly fitting the Christmas cheer. A tiny little owl was found inside of a Christmas tree. Yup. Inside of the iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree, workers discovered the tiny owl "clinging for its life to the 75-foot-tall Norway spruce". After surviving a 200 mile journey from Oneonta to Manhattan, the owl was found as the crews that were about...

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues And Glow Ups

All-day, every day, it's all about the cats! This week's lovely and scrumptious medley is filled with endless cuteness galore, some cat shenanigans that make the world go round, and a dash of rescues and glow-ups for that uplifting moment we all crave! Cats make our days brighter and happier, it's as simple as that. And each week, we celebrate them...

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (30 images)

Another week, another dose of inspiration for all who need it. Because some pictures are just impossible to describe in anything less than 1000 words, and so looking at them has our imagination running wild and our creativity exploding. They make us wanna write, they make us wanna paint, and they definitely make us want to go pet a cheetah.So, enjoy...

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