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Facebook takes down network linked to Roger Stone, Proud Boys for ‘inauthentic behavior’

Facebook routinely bans profiles and pages from its platform for trying to cheat the system and fake engagement or mislead users. But it’s not everyday that one of those networks is run by President Donald Trump’s former associate, Roger Stone. In a post on its website today, Facebook’s Head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher announced that the...

Earth won't immediately cool off if we slash emissions

The amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a record high in May. That's because humanity kept emitting a prodigious amount of carbon, even through the worst pandemic in a century. But if civilization does begin to significantly cut emissions, global temperatures won't promptly start going down, like flipping a climate switch. In...

9 excellent recent novels to read this month

Summer is in full swing, and while plenty of things are looking different these days, one that hasn't is the joy of a good book. You may not be reading it on the subway or a beach like normal, but the pleasure of drifting somewhere else still holds strong appeal, even if your big adventure is just going from your bed to your couch.  The nine new novels...

This company wants to make edible insects the future of food — Future Blink

Beobia's goal is to produce and consume sustainable food without compromising the planet. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Food And Drink, Sustainability, Eco Friendly, and Future Blink

The legal cannabis industry must reckon with systemic racism

The legal and medical cannabis industry has long been complicit in the systemic oppression of Black people. As Black Lives Matter protests continue around the country, activists, doctors, and entrepreneurs are calling for those in cannabis to dismantle the systemic racism the industry is built on. In the wake of the protests against police brutality...

Sony made a wearable air conditioner that fits in your pocket — Future Blink

The Reon Pocket uses thermoelectric cooling and claims to cool your body by up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more...More about Tech, Sony, Mashable Video, Summer, and Future Blink

Step into Pompeii's final hours at Grand Palais exhibit – Future Blink

A new exhibition at Paris' Grand Palais puts visitors in Pompeii just hours before Vesuvius’ eruption. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Paris, Grand Palais, Pompeii, and Vesuvius

Facebook’s own audit scorches the company for 'significant setbacks for civil rights'

It’s probably not a good thing to hear that your company made decisions that “represent significant setbacks for civil rights.” But, that’s exactly what the civil rights audit commissioned by Facebook itself said about the company. On Wednesday, Facebook released the results of a two-year long audit carried out by civil rights attorney Laura W. Murphy,...

Leaked hands-on video reveals even more about Samsung's Note 20 Ultra

It's been less than 24 hours since Samsung officially confirmed its Unpacked 2020 event on August 5, and there's already another leak. This one comes from YouTuber Jimmy is Promo, who went hands-on with what is apparently the Note 20 Ultra. The video comes only a couple of days after he also shared photos of the same phone via Twitter. While there...

Tinder is finally testing in-app video calls months into social distancing

Like its fellow Match Group property Hinge and a slew of other dating apps, Tinder is testing out in-app video calls.  The feature is called Face to Face, Tinder announced in a blog post on Wednesday, and is being rolled out in select states in the U.S. — Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and Virginia — and international markets like Brazil and Vietnam....

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