Early Retirement through Badassity
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The Arizona Experiment!

– The thing that drew me to early retirement is freedom, and that’s still the best part of it.  Back in 2005, the primary reason for this freedom-seeking was being able to devote my best hours to being a Dad – I had a feeling my career in tech would be too demanding to sustain once the full-time job of raising children kicked in. ...

Sat Nov 4, 2023 18:34
What to Do About These High Interest Rates

Whoa, have you seen what just happened to interest rates!? Suddenly, after at least fourteen years of our financial world being mostly the same, somebody flipped over the table and now things are quite different.  Interest rates, which have been gliding along at close to zero since before the Dawn of Mustachianism in 2011, have suddenly...

Tue Sep 5, 2023 01:15
The Comfort Crisis

As with many things in life these days, it all started with an episode of the Peter Attia podcast. In this episode, our nation’s most Badass Doctor was interviewing a guest I initially dismissed as not overly applicable to my own lifestyle. A young,excessively handsome dude who happened to be a writer with a new book out. But the headline...

Sun Jul 23, 2023 23:18
Frugal Man Buys $52,000 Car – Why??

This is Midjourney AI’s imagined version of my new car. I’ll update this picture once I take delivery and head out on my first real camping trip! As I type this, I’m jumping through the various hoops involved in buying a 2023 Tesla Model Y, a spectacularly expensive, large luxury “crossover” that is absolutely loaded to the gills with excess:...

Thu Apr 27, 2023 23:26
Less Cars, More Money: My Visit to the City of the Future

In my role as Mr. Money Mustache, I do my best to be your one-stop-shop for Lifestyle Guru ideas. So over the years we’ve covered not just the Money side of life, but also the even more important stuff like health and fitness and the psychology of better, happier living.  But there’s one single area of life where all of these factors...

Fri Apr 7, 2023 21:36
How to Build a Kitchen (and Why)

Well, looks like it has happened again.  Since the last time we spoke, I got sucked into building my 17th(?) kitchen, and I have finally emerged from its messy yet addictive grasp as I stand here at the new breakfast bar, typing this report to you. Why am I so hooked on this strange pastime? And more importantly, why am I so...

Sun Feb 26, 2023 19:03

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