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How to undo send in Gmail for up to 30 seconds

You can recall an email on desktop or mobile in seconds with Gmail's Undo Send feature.

5 Gmail tips to start your inbox fresh in 2023

If your goal is to digitally declutter, Gmail has lots of ways to help you out for the new year.

5 scams to watch out for this holiday season

How Gmail is helping keep you stay safe and secure from email scams this holiday season.

Easily track your packages with new Gmail features

New Gmail features make it easier to track your packages.

Workspace Individual adds storage, mail merge and global regions

Announcing new countries and features for Google Workspace Individual.

Add these new Google widgets to your iPhone

We rely on our phones for nearly every part of our day, from navigating to work to kicking back with our favorite shows. That’s why we’re always working to make your device more helpful, including giving you easier ways to find what you need — and keep your day running smoothly.Widgets for Google apps are a big part of how we do that. OurLock Screen...

I asked Gmail experts to rewrite my emails

You may think that, as a writer at Google, I would be an accomplished emailer — but the truth is that my emailing skills and inbox management could use some help. I often feel like I’m sending emails that disappear into the void, go unanswered (or partially answered) for too long or that require more follow up than I’d like. There’s got to be a better...

Planning a family reunion with Google Workspace

For my Texan family, anything is an opportunity to barbecue: a long weekend, some good weather, or just a good day in general. For years, a barbecue has been our simple way to get our loved ones together — and there wouldn’t be much planning involved.We’d have an invitation sent around with a date and a suggested time, and that’s about it. Yet after...

A unified Gmail, for all the ways you connect

Gmail has changed a lot over the past 18 years, and since the beginning, we’ve aspired to help billions of people around the world stay connected and get things done. Our latest changes bring helpful updates to every Gmail user, including the best of Google Workspace, combined with a fresh new look based on Google’s Material Design 3.Evolving right...

New Google Workspace features to help solo business owners

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more people forging their own path and turning their personal passions into businesses. These individual business owners, sometimes called “solopreneurs,” wear many hats as they run and grow their businesses: salesperson, marketer, accountant, the list goes on.That’s why one year ago, we launched Google Workspace...

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