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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update adds New Game Plus and new suits on March 7

We cannot explain to you how grateful we have been for everyone who has picked up Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 over the holiday season. Everyone here at Insomniac Games is proud of the game, and we’re very excited to share details with you about the major title update that will hit your PS5 console on March 7 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 version 1.002 will...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 18:51
Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection PS4 & PS5 features revealed

Aspyr is proud to announce, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the beloved Star Wars Battlefront series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will soon be able to play the classic Star Wars Battlefront games online and offline in a complete collection. On March 14, PlayStation players can get back online and fight in iconic battles from across...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 17:31
Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure revealed for PS5

Hello! Nick Suttner here. You may have seen my name on PlayStation Blog before in various guises (most recently, as the writer behind Carto), but I’m super excited to be coming to you today as co-founder of the small studio Furniture & Mattress, to reveal our debut PS5 game Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure. Play...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 17:31
Pulse Elite wireless headset launches starting today: the starter’s guide to PlayStation’s latest line of innovative audio products

Launching today, our latest wireless headset, Pulse Elite, brings crisp, immersive audio to the gaming experience on the PS5 console; to PlayStation Link supported devices including PS5, PC, Mac, and PlayStation Portal remote player; and to Bluetooth compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets. Pulse Elite follows the launch of our first wireless...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 17:31
How Final Fantasy VII Rebirth harnesses immersive PS5 technology

Your adventure beyond Midgar begins in just over a week when Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on PS5 February 29. You may have taken your first steps into that wider world already, thanks to the recent demo, or marveled at that expanse via the State of Play dedicated to the game. And what sights there are. Sprawling, densely detailed open areas and...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 16:02
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — First look at Goku’s Next Journey DLC gameplay

Gear up for your first look into the gameplay of the sixth DLC of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, officially named Goku’s Next Journey. The DLC retraces the steps of the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, which takes place ten years after the victory of the Saiyan warriors over Kid Buu at the hands of Goku and Vegeta. In this episode, the Martial Arts World Tournament...

Mon Feb 19, 2024 20:34

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