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Intel Xe Kernel GPU Driver Starts Landing SR-IOV Bits & Other Features For Linux 6.9

Upstreamed for Linux 6.8 is the experimental Xe kernel graphics driver that is a modern replacement to the "i915" Direct Rendering Manager driver. The Xe kernel driver targets Tigerlake graphics and newer while it won't be until Lunar Lake / Xe2 when it aims to become the default driver for Intel iGPU/dGPU graphics. For the upcoming Linux 6.9 kernel...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 15:20
NVK Vulkan Driver Lands Shader Object & Graphics Pipeline Library

The open-source NVIDIA "NVK" Vulkan driver within the Mesa codebase has merged support for the important VK_EXT_shader_object and VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library extensions. Additionally, as part of supporting these new extensions, this introduces the code for a common Vulkan runtime to Mesa...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 15:20
Servo Improves Its Experimental Support For HTML Tables, More CSS Features

The Servo web engine project has put out a new blog post that outlines all of their accomplishments made during the course of February...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 15:20
KDE MegaRelease 6 Debuts For Plasma 6.0, KF6 & Gear 24.02

Today's the day! KDE MegaRelease 6 is out for shipping Plasma 6.0, KDE Frameworks 6.0, and KDE Gear 24.02 apps...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 13:42
Linux's V4L2 VP9 Codec Kernel Code Rewritten In Rust For Better Memory Safety

Daniel Almeida with Collabora has posted a rewritten of the VP9 codec library code within the Linux kernel's Video 4 Linux 2 (V4L2) subsystem. In using Rust rather than the existing C code, this should yield better memory safety and better fend off potential issues within the existing code...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 04:42
Wine Wayland Driver Patches Enable Basic OpenGL Support

Continuing to bring-up the Wine Wayland driver for offering native Wayland support without X11/XWayland, Alexandros Frantzis opened the pull request today for enabling basic OpenGL support...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 03:51

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