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Postman Announces New Features for API Platform Aimed at API-First Organizations

Postman, an API design platform provider, has announced the launch of a new version of its platform, dubbed the Postman API Platform, with a number of new features. Postman has grown from an API testing tool to a platform that includes designing and mocking APIs, documentation, monitoring, discovering APIs, and collaborating. The new updates are aimed...

Grammarly for Developers Provides AI-Powered Writing Analysis via API

Grammarly, the provider of a popular cloud-based writing assistant, has announced a new developer platform that is intended to provide tools for integrating the service into third-party applications. Grammarly for Developers was initially launched alongside a new Grammarly Text Editor SDK.

Sendbird Leverages AI, Adds FAQ Chatbot to its Customer Support Platform

Sendbird, a mobile communications services provider, has added a new FAQ chatbot to Sendbird Desk, the company’s platform for orchestrating embeddable live chat support. By leveraging this new product customers can offload quick questions to AI, freeing up live agents for more in-depth support. ProgrammableWeb reached out to Sendbird to discuss what...

Stream Adds Native App Localization and Internationalization Support for Its Chat SDKs

Stream has announced that its React, React Native, Flutter, and Android (Kotlin, Java, & Jetpack Compose) SDKs have been updated for native support of app localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18on). These advancements greatly enhance the platform's ability to support global products. 

Zoom Enhances Its Developer Platform With New App Builder and CLI

Zoom has announced updates to the Zoom Developer Platform that the company intends to streamline innovation on the platform. These updates include a new app builder, a new CLI, and React Native support for the company’s Video SDK. 

Daily API RoundUp: Open People Search, Dgraph, Icon Horse, K-meta

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.

India’s CoWIN Portal Adds New Vaccination Status Look-Up API

CoWIN, a portal for COVID-19 vaccination registration created by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has been updated to include a new API that will allow businesses to look up the vaccination status of customers and clients. The tool allows individuals to authorize access to this health data on behalf of businesses.

PriceLabs Expands Dynamic Pricing Offering With New API

PriceLabs, a revenue management company that targets the vacation rental industry, has announced a new API that will provide developers with access to the company’s proprietary dynamic pricing technology. The API could be a boon for Property Management System (PMS) administrators. 

BridgeNet Adds New API to Support its Auto Insurance Products

BridgeNet, a digital-first insurance agency, has announced the release of a new API for simplifying integration with the companies auto insurance products. The tool aids in finding local agents, receiving quotes, and processing payments. 

Sheeva.AI Launches API Platform for Vehicle Location Services

Sheeva.AI, an API-first technology company that is targeting the emerging in-vehicle commerce industry, has announced the launch of a new API platform for vehicle location-based application development. The company hopes that existing mobile app developers will be able to leverage this platform to transform the automotive industry. 

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