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Technology doesn’t need to be confusing, though too often it is. Do you have tech questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask? Kara Swisher of Re/code and Lauren Goode of The Verge have the answers. Tune in to their podcast every Friday for straight

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Tokyo Games Can't Catch a Break, Klobuchar Targets Vaccine Misinformation, and Friend of Pivot Eliot Brown

A tropical storm threatens the Olympics, Kara enjoys being the Bad Girl of GETTR, and Friend of Pivot Eliot Brown explains how WeWork's Adam Neumann duped experienced investors, and kept his hair looking good at all times. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin hopes, Biden picks a heavy hitter, and the Pegasus spyware scandal

Kara and Scott discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene's recent Twitter ban, Jack Dorsey's hopes for a bitcoin "world peace," and the "joyless" Olympics. Kara has high hopes for Jonathan Kanter, Biden's pick for the Justice Department's anti-trust division. Things look a little more glum for privacy after the Pegasus Project revelations. And in listener mail,...

Biden vs. Facebook, the U.S. accuses China of cyberattacks, and Friend of Pivot Paxton Smith on Texas' new abortion law

Kara and Scott talk Robinhood's IPO, Netflix earnings, and Jeff Bezos' rocket ride. They also weigh in on the war of words between Facebook and President Biden, as well as the administration's stance on China and cyberattacks. And, Friend of Pivot Paxton Smith discusses the stringent Texas abortion bill that inspired her viral valedictorian speech....

Big banks' quarterly earnings and economic recovery, and a prediction on space SPACs

Kara and Scott talk what the big banks' quarterly earnings can tell us about economic recovery. They also discuss Senate Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget deal. In listener mail, we get a question about Apple and the niche search market. Scott has a prediction about space SPACs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Regulators are cracking down on tech, and Friends of Pivot Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang on Facebook's leadership

Kara and Scott talk about Biden's broad executive order aimed at stirring competition and limiting corporate dominance. They also discuss the regulations coming out of China that specifically call for data-rich companies to undergo security reviews before listing overseas. Then we are joined by NYT journalists, Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang, to hear...

Q2 Quarterly Review: The State of the World According to Pivot

Pivot launches its Quarterly Review series, with a look back at the past two quarters and predictions of what's ahead. Kara and Scott discuss the biggest wins and fails of the year so far and check their prediction track record. They also get some forecasting from Friends of Pivot, including Congressman Ro Khanna, Lightshed Partners' Rich Greenfield,...

Facebook FTC antitrust case thrown out and Amazon vs. Lina Khan

Kara and Scott talk about a Federal judge throwing out an antitrust case against Facebook by the FTC and more than 40 states. They also discuss Amazon's motion to have newly instated FTC Chair Lina Khan recuse herself from antitrust actions. In listener mail, Kara and Scott answer a question about young people quitting the corporate world. Learn more...

Toyota's GOP contributions, BuzzFeed's SPAC and a Friend of Pivot from Microsoft

Kara and Scott talk about the revelations that the car company Toyota is the highest contributor to Republicans who voted to invalidate the presidential election. They also discuss BuzzFeed's plan to IPO with a SPAC and what that means for media and SPACs. Then we are joined by Yusuf Mehdi is the Corporate Vice President, Modern Life, Search & Devices...

House Judiciary Committee antitrust bills, Microsoft hits $2 trillion, and a prediction on the future of social media

Kara and Scott talk about the six antitrust bills the House is contemplating this week and what it means for big tech and political divisions. They also discuss Microsoft joining Apple as the 2nd $2 trillion company. In listener mail, they discuss how much climate change will cost versus the Covid-19 crisis. In predictions, Scott foresees new companies...

American Airlines cancellations, Bitcoin mining bans, and Friend of Pivot Chuck Todd

Kara and Scott talk about American Airlines cancelling flights because of staff shortages. They also discuss China banning the mining of Bitcoin in the country. Meanwhile, the SEC is readying new climate change disclosure regulations. Then we are joined by NBC News Political Director, Moderator and Host of Meet the Press and Host of Peacock’s Meet the...

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