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The Weekender: Finding the Elusive Work|Life Balance

Forever In Search of a Work|Life Balance. Sound familiar? If there’s a trend that I’ve noticed from most of our friends and family, it’s that we’re all in search of balance. Such a simple word, yet it holds so much power. Many of us are Zoom-ing (both for work and school), full-time parenting, full-time working, […] Take me to The Weekender: Finding...

How We Added Sparkle In a No-Light Zone (+ a Door Knob Guide)

This post is in partnership with Schlage. Choosing door hardware is an opportunity to create an often overlooked design detail. Think of it as jewelry for your home! I’m breaking down our decisions, the various types of knobs and why the details matter. A big, delicious to-do was just checked off our list: Installing door […] Take me to How We Added...

Our Experience as Landlords After Seven Years

We purchased our current home (which features a separate Garden Unit downstairs) seven years ago. At the time, we were moving out of our first condo, which we decided to hold onto and rent out. With that big transition, we became rookie landlords of two rental properties at the same time! Today, we’re breaking down […] Take me to Our Experience as...

Our Experience as Airbnb Hosts After One Season

Now that we’ve opened up our Michigan Tree House and have opened it up to short-term rentals this summer, we’ve been getting enough questions about our experience to warrant a blog post. Today, we’re sharing the ups and the downs of our first season as Airbnb hosts! You can also view the listing (and bookmark […] Take me to Our Experience as Airbnb...

The Weekender: Answering Your Questions, a Two Flat Update and a Must Read

An Update + a Huge Thank You You have blown us away with your kindness and support, and we humbly say, thank you! While I was nervous to detail the problems we’ve faced at the Two Flat, I was mostly anxious that our tone may have been misconstrued. Instead, I felt this community come together […] Take me to The Weekender: Answering Your Questions,...

What (In the World!) Is Going On at the Two Flat?

This is our real-life rundown of what (in the world) is going on at the Two Flat – from flooding to floor refinishing (again) and why. But first, a note to say that we understand the immense privilege we’ve been given to renovate homes for a living and know that there are issues in the […] Take me to What (In the World!) Is Going On at the Two Flat?

The Evolution of Our IKEA Kitchen!

cabinets | sink | faucet | countertop | brass hardware | sconce | S+P grinders It’s a Monday Rewind! Yellow Brick Home has over 11 years of archives, so from time to time, we’ll be sharing our favorites from posts past. This before + after was originally published in August 2017. Enjoy! The last room to wrap up in our garden apartment renovation is...

Our Plaid Pantry DIY!

This post is in partnership with Scotch® Painter’s Tape and HGTV Magazine. We’re sharing the step-by-step tutorial for how we used Scotch Painter’s Tape to DIY a plaid pattern inside a kitchen pantry! Scott and I are firm believers that a small space is always the perfect excuse to do something unexpected. Think: Wallpaper or […] Take me to Our Plaid...

Collective Q+A: How Do You Stay Positive Through a Renovation?

Are you in the middle of a renovation? Maybe you’ve just started, maybe you’re thinking of starting, or better yet – maybe you’re in the home stretch! No matter which stage you’re in, there’s no way around it: Renovations are hard. Between the endless micro-decisions, physical mess, money and that elusive timeline (what timeline?!), simply […] Take...

Can you Reglaze a Pink Bathtub?

We know that reglazing a white bathtub is a cost effective way to spruce it up. But what about a pink tub? We’re sharing what we did to get our pink bathtub reglazed! Can you reglaze a pink (or mint or lavender or!) bathtub? If you caught our recent small pink bath reveal, you already […] Take me to Can you Reglaze a Pink Bathtub?

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