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Completing our Family Room With Natural Shades

Today we’re sharing how and why we added natural shades with motorized lift from our friends at Bali Blinds to put the finishing touches on our second floor family room. Shifting Needs The second story of our Chicago home has served many purposes over the years. It has sort of become our de facto ‘flex […] Take me to Completing our Family Room With...

5 Kitchen Trends We’ll See in 2023 and Beyond!

Today we’re breaking down our top 5 kitchen trend predictions for the new year and beyond. Our recently completed kitchen renovation gave us lots of opportunities to think through the form and functionality of our newly expanded space. We think efficiency is a top priority in a kitchen, but function and form still work hand […] Take me to 5 Kitchen...

5 Hidden Features in Our Renovated Kitchen

Today we’re highlighting our 5 favorite hidden features in our recently completed kitchen renovation! Earlier this week, we released the full reveal of our (finally!) complete kitchen renovation. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the full reveal, we’d suggest taking a peek at that post first! Follow along with this renovation from […] Take me...

Our Boldest Kitchen Reveal Yet

The reveal of our colorful Chicago kitchen, almost 1 year in the making! Happy Kitchen Reveal Day! This month marks one year of planning and executing our Chicago home kitchen. One. Year! I’ll admit that slow renovating was a perfect pace for our small family of 3. Not to mention, living in this home for […] Take me to Our Boldest Kitchen Reveal Yet

Our Goals for 2023

This is what we’re looking forward to taking on in the new year! A New Year, A New Outlook We’re easing ourselves into the new year, with the intention of being more kind to ourselves, as we’re still recovering from a long holiday break with our almost 5-year-old (anyone else?). But in all seriousness, this […] Take me to Our Goals for 2023

2022, the Year We Evolved

The Year We Evolved In January, we said aloud that 2022 would be the year we evolve. For the near-10-years that we’ve lived in our Chicago home, our family has grown and stretched, but the way we were using our home had yet to catch up. It’s bittersweet to think that when we purchased our […] Take me to 2022, the Year We Evolved

Adding Functional Beauty to Our Kitchen with Delta Faucet

Our kitchen renovation is almost finished! Today, we’re breaking down all of the stunning functionality that Delta has brought to our kitchen renovation. Yes. We realize we’ve been saying that our kitchen is aaaaalmost done for about a month now. This time we really mean it! With the exception of the replacement refrigerator panel that […] Take me...

How To Add Lighting to Your Pantry

Today, we’re talking through the simple process of adding motion-activated LED lighting from IKEA to our big new pantry cabinet. When designing our new kitchen, we wanted our pantry and food storage spaces to feel organized and ‘shoppable’. We figured that since lights automatically come on when we open our appliances, why shouldn’t the same […] Take...

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things | 2022

As we near the year’s end, I can say that 2022 had us finding our footing again after a handful of shaky years. We started and almost completed our kitchen renovation, leaned hard into enjoying the summer months, soaked up the changing fall leaves in Michigan, and we watched in awe as our 4-year-old turned […] Take me to These Are a Few of Our Favorite...

Why We’re Landscaping the Front Yard at Tree House

These are the plans for our front yard landscaping project at our Michigan Tree House, from building a berm to choosing perennials. Why Landscape the Front Yard? For years, we’ve focused our exterior upkeep on the backyard, wraparound deck, and perhaps my favorite outdoor Tree House project – the cute little Shed That Could. With […] Take me to Why...

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