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Lucy’s Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our 3-year-old started preschool this year! These are the essentials that fill her closet. Our 3-year-old Lucy is growing like a weed, which is magical, but also, please stop, time! She started preschool this year, and as a special treat, I picked up a few fall wardrobe essentials to carry her through the chilly weather […] Take me to Lucy’s Fall Wardrobe...

Our Landscape Design Plans!

Today, we’re breaking down the design plans we have in store for our urban front yard. Earlier this year, we decided it was finally time to give the front of our home some much-needed attention. The roof, gutters, fascia and porch ceiling all received the love they needed. The porch structure was also leveled, the […] Take me to Our Landscape Design...

Meet the Kalvakotas

Introducing the Kalvakota family, our dear friends and next project! How Does Your Space Make You Feel? How does your space make you feel? That was the first question I asked Nithin and Rachel Kalvakota, our dear friends, neighbors and every-day-hangout buddies. They have two young girls – one close in age to Lucy – […] Take me to Meet the Kalvakotas

Installing Underground Downspouts In Our Chicago Front Yard

Today we’re talking through the simple installation of underground downspout extensions to keep water away from your home’s foundation. Diverting rainwater away from a home’s foundation is a top priority, especially in wet climates. One of the best ways to keep water out of a basement or crawlspace is to move it as far away […] Take me to Installing...

Our Favorite Yard Tools for Fall

With fall right around the corner, we’re sharing a shoppable list of our favorite yard tools to get your yard in shape for cooler weather. If you’ve been following along in Stories, you know we have a lot of plans to kick our landscaping up a few notches this fall! With this in mind, we’re […] Take me to Our Favorite Yard Tools for Fall

The Weekender: Back to School, Dreaming of Benches + Weekend Sales!

This week marked the first back-to-school adventure for us, because Lucy started Pre-K! She rose before the sun and dressed herself (complete with her unicorn hoodie, despite being a 90-degree day), and we rode our tandem bicycle to school drop-off. We took photos on the front porch and at school, both on my phone and […] Take me to The Weekender:...

Updates On Our Most Asked About Home Projects 4.0

We’re back with another round of updates on our most asked about home furnishings and DIY projects! This is always a good time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and would we do it again? We thought it would be fun if Scott and I both chimed in with our thoughts, noted as K(im) […] Take me to Updates On Our Most Asked About Home Projects 4.0

How We Care for Our Ficus Audrey

All about our Ficus Audrey and the steps we follow so that she thrives! Anytime our Ficus Audrey makes an appearance on Instagram, my inbox fills with: Wait! What is that tree! I’ve been getting this a lot lately, so I wanted to share more about Audrey on the blog, including how we take care […] Take me to How We Care for Our Ficus Audrey

Going Custom With Our New Dining Table

Our new custom made oak dining table is complete! Today we’re talking through why we went custom (and round!), the process and the beautiful end result. Our various dining tables have always acted as the de facto command center of our Chicago home. The dining space is in the physical center of the house and […] Take me to Going Custom With Our New...

5 Tips For Selling Used Goods Online

We buy and sell a lot of goods online, and we were asked recently about how we handle the transactions. Today, we’re breaking down tips for selling second-hand items on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. If you’ve been around for awhile, you likely know that we love to save money. We’ve written about our strategies a […] Take me to 5 Tips For Selling...

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