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Our Budget Shed Makeover Reveal!

This is how we made over our sad shed using paint + stain, clever organizing, space-saving lawn tools and adding solar lighting! A little over a month ago, we kicked off the makeover of the pint-sized shed that stores the bicycles, fire pit accessories and outdoor gear associated with our little Southwest Michigan home. If […] Take me to Our Budget...

A Simple Console Shelf DIY

We’re walking through the simple steps we used to create the ‘console shelf’ behind the sofa in our Chicago living room. This afternoon project cost around $100 and added a ton of functionality to the space! A coffee table is the obvious choice for a great place to set a drink, snack or a remote […] Take me to A Simple Console Shelf DIY

The Weekender: Front Porch Updates, Everlane Favorites, Cicadas(!) and Big Weekend Sales

The Front Porch is Making Strides! This past week has been all about the front porch, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! In case you missed it, we shared our plans in this post, and since then, the new fascia and tongue and groove ceiling have been installed. Our […] Take me to The Weekender: Front Porch Updates, Everlane Favorites,...

Collective Q+A: What Has Been Your Favorite Secondhand Find?

The thrill of the hunt, am I right? When thrifting (or flea market-ing or estate sale-ing or yard sale-ing), we always joke that you don’t know what you need until you find it. Perhaps that’s why an awesome secondhand find is so thrilling! It’s unexpected, it’s uniquely yours, and more often than not, it’s an […] Take me to Collective Q+A: What Has...

What We’ll Be Doing to the Condo Before We Sell

These are the items to complete on our condo before we sell! Paint, floor refinishing, and a kitchen backsplash all make the list. We’re Selling, Now What? After making the decision to sell our condo – the original yellow brick home! – our next thought was, now what?! Like most of the country right now, […] Take me to What We’ll Be Doing to the Condo...

We’re Selling the One That Started It All

We’re Selling the Condo! We’re going back – way back! – to the start of this blog. Who remembers our condo? It was the first home Scott and I purchased together, nestled on the second floor of a yellow brick corner building. So if you’ve ever wondered how our blog got its name, all signs […] Take me to We’re Selling the One That Started It All

Our Entryway Color Reveal!

Our entryway has been a labor of love and a work-in-progress for many years. Today we’re unveiling the most recent update – a fresh paint color! Welcome to My Favorite ‘Room’ Voila!​​​​​​​ This summer will mark the eight-year-anniversary of us living in this home, and it has taken every day of those eight years to […] Take me to Our Entryway Color...

Our Tired Shed is Getting a Budget Makeover!

Today we’re kicking off the budget refresh of the small shed at our Michigan Tree House! We’ll be focusing on low-cost, high-impact solutions to get this little shed working harder for us. Storage inside our Michigan Tree House has never been much of an issue. Walls of cabinets, a DIY built-in storage banquette and spacious […] Take me to Our Tired...

Our Chicago Home is Getting a Little Exterior Makeover!

We’re refreshing the front of our Chicago home’s exterior! Today we’re breaking down the updates we’re tackling, and the few that we’re skipping. When we first saw the house that what would eventually become our Chicago home 8 years ago, we were immediately struck by the front porch. While stoops and small landings are pretty […] Take me to Our Chicago...

How Do You Decide Which Products are Best for Your Home + Family?

When deciding which products are the best for your home and family, where do you start? In our case, we’ll consider the project at hand – let’s say we’d like to add landscape lighting, but we’re overwhelmed by the options – and start by asking any friends who’ve recently completed the same. It’s no different than when […] Take me to How Do You Decide...

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