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10 Ways We’ve Added Valuable Storage Space to Our Home

From Built-ins to furniture hacks, here are 10 ways we’ve added hidden and unexpected storage space in our Chicago home. Stash Your Stuff! You can never have enough storage space, right? We do our best to live fairly minimally around here, but life requires stuff. That requirement doesn’t, however, mean you have to stare at […] Take me to 10 Ways We’ve...

The Weekender: A First Look at Our Kitchen Floors!

The Floors Are In! Yesterday was a wonderful whirlwind. We were mostly kept in the dark as a team of two from Peter’s Wood Refinishing (can’t recommend them enough, and they’re woman owned!) plastic-ed off the kitchen from the rest of the home. What we saw was sneak peeks through the back door, although for […] Take me to The Weekender: A First Look...

10 Ways We Maximized Every Inch of Our 850 Square Feet Home

Here are 10 ways we designed our small house to maximize every square inch. Our Michigan Tree House isn’t large. Including the sleeping loft, it clocks in right around 850 sq. ft. To us, though, it feels much larger than the modest footprint suggests. We (and our Airbnb guests, we hope!) think the home has […] Take me to 10 Ways We Maximized Every...

Lucy’s Back-to-School Wardrobe

Long gone are the days where we have the only say in what Lucy wears. Our 4-year-old has strong opinions on clothing, and she enjoys selecting her outfits every morning (sometimes going so far as to change into an afternoon and evening outfit, too!). We admire those strong opinions, her creativity and craving of bright […] Take me to Lucy’s Back-to-School...

The Kitchen Is Gone! (And How We’re Making It Work)

This is how we sold our kitchen and appliances and how we’re making it work now that we’re without one. The kitchen is gone! Although we’ve been in planning mode for months – years, even – the last week has made this dream renovation feel very real. After emptying and packing all the cabinets, Lucy […] Take me to The Kitchen Is Gone! (And How We’re...

The Weekender: We Fell In Love with a House

We fell in love with a house. One week ago, a message with a link to a neighborhood house listing was sent to my DMs. Next YBH project?, it read. I clicked through only to find myself throwing my phone at Scott so he could see why I couldn’t stop gasping. The home is a […] Take me to The Weekender: We Fell In Love with a House

The Weekender: Palm Springs + Recreating My Childhood Summers

A Childhood Tradition, Recreated Growing up, I spent a month every summer with my grandparents in Pittsburgh. Just me, no siblings. It was so special, and I made countless core memories from that time. Evenings were spent taking winding walks with my grandma, weekends were for Kennywood with the girls I met at the church […] Take me to The Weekender:...

5 Inexpensive Cleaning Products We Can’t Live Without

Sometimes the best tool for the job is the simplest! Today we’re talking through our 5 favorite inexpensive cleaning products that help us power through almost any job. The cleaning product aisle in most stores is massively overwhelming. Not only are there dozens of product brands, but each product seems to have half a dozen […] Take me to 5 Inexpensive...

Adding DIY Landscape Lighting to Our Chicago Front Yard

The landscaping in our tiny urban front yard is filling in perfectly so it was time to add landscape lighting to make it pop in the evening. Here’s how we did it! Last fall, we removed all of the grass in our front yard in favor of a more wild and natural yard that better […] Take me to Adding DIY Landscape Lighting to Our Chicago Front Yard

A Collected Kitchen: The Mood Board

Sharing the design direction for our Chicago kitchen renovation. A Collected Kitchen with YBH Earthy red cabinetry, black marble countertops and layers of white, cream and brass are what you can expect as our kitchen renovation rolls out! Scott likes to say, We’re in the eye of the storm. There’s nothing we can do right […] Take me to A Collected Kitchen:...

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