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The Blood of Afghans Cry and Mourn

Some nations have airplanes Birds and other skyward creatures But Afghans live with blood flying Through clouds and countryside

Mama Kabul

Oh mother city City of love and mercy How long must you carry this sorrow


When you come to me Bring a pair of eyes So that I can see the world differently

Dream Tree

Anyone passing by can sit Under the dream tree In this quiet space Their wounds will heal

Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is pleased to participate in the global Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign from Nov. 25 through Dec. 10—International Human Rights Day.

International Women’s Day 2017

The work presented here represents just a few of the essays and poems written by AWWP writers in honor of International Women’s Day over the last several years. Please join our writers in celebrating IWD on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Two Sisters, One Floor Apart, Play Dead and Survive AUAF Attack

Two AWWP writers survived a terrorist attack last month by armed gunmen at American University of Afghanistan. The August 24 attack killed thirteen people, including students, teachers, and security guards. The two girls tell their stories for AWWP here. AUAF remains closed since the attack.

I Prepare to Die as the Taliban Attacks AUAF

Wednesday 24th of August, 2016. The fourth day of my second semester. My last class finished at 6:20 p.m. I expected to meet a friend, but she did not come so I finished my dinner and went to the mosque to pray. At 7:04 p.m., I had just finished praying when three explosions went off two meters (6.5 feet) from the mosque. The air turned dark, the ceiling...

One Floor from My Sister, Waiting to Die

The 24th of August was the third day of my second semester at AUAF. I had started with so many hopes. I was in statistics class on the second floor of the Bayat Building, listening carefully to the lecture, when we heard gunfire close to campus. Growing up in Afghanistan, we think of gunfire as routine. Our professor continued his lecture. Seconds later,...

Oral Stories Project

Since early 2013, AWWP has featured twelve Oral Stories series in which AWWP writers have collected stories from women in Afghanistan, in particular women who are illiterate and cannot write their stories themselves. The women’s stories are recorded, transcribed, and translated into English by our writers and then edited for publication.

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