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M E C H A - Youtube

Growing up with a heavy influence from Japanese animation, we felt it was due time to celebrate our love for Mecha and pay homage to it in this piece created for YouTube.

Milanga & Co. | Branding

We were asked to do this project with the premise of creating a milanesa sandwich fast food restaurant. In collaboration with Pablo Chiappori's interiorism studio we came up with the idea of recreating a train station, on-the-go sandwich feel. From a branding point of view, we aimed to create a brand that recalls childhood memories: the picnic flavour...

Several views from the forest

Selection of portraits

KSOUL Architecture & Interior Studio

Commissioned over 500 projects from residential to famous retail and F&B chains in Vietnam, KSOUL Studio is a rising architecture & interior practice, founded and led by Hu?nh Th? Nguy?n. His firm plays an important role to reshape modern Vietnam shopping streets into hustle and bustle, crowded ones with startups for youngsters. The charm of...


Jeff Han's latest work for @RiotGames is an extraordinary Music Video for K-Pop super group K/DA @kda_music, a virtual girl group consisting of four League of Legends characters: Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa. The song, 'I'll Show You' takes us on a journey through Ahri's emotional rise to stardom, and is out now!

Amazon: Please Vote

Jovia - TV Commercials


Production Service Guide and Location Lookbook

Production Service Guide and Location Lookbook, in a few short words, describes the company itself and the conditions of shooting in Poland. The primary point of this book, however is to serve as a moodboard designed to display the vast diversity of locations for filmmaking in Poland. The photographs are hand picked and categorized to provide instant...

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