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5 tips to stay safer online with Chrome

It’s important that you take steps to protect your online data. Use helpful Chrome tools like Privacy Guide, Safety Check and Google Password Manager.

5 ways to bring in the Year of the Rabbit with Google

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s how you can use Google products to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit or Year of the Cat.

New ways Chrome makes holiday shopping online easier

We share more ways Chrome can help make your holiday shopping easier, from tracking price drops to finding discount codes.

Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2022

We recommend Chrome extensions to help you be more productive at work, enjoy watching shows and learn new skills.

How we’re making music creation easier on the web

We chat with Google experts about how the web is becoming a great place for audio production, from recording podcasts to sharing music.

New Chrome features to save battery and make browsing smoother

We’re adding new Chrome performance settings to keep tabs running smoothly, and to extend your device’s battery life when it’s getting low.

Search your tabs, bookmarks and history in the Chrome address bar

We now have three site search shortcuts directly built into the Chrome address bar, starting with @tabs, @bookmarks and @history.

How we designed Chrome to help businesses

We spoke with Robert Shield, longtime Chrome engineer, to get an insider’s point of view on how Chrome became a browser for the enterprise.

Building a more helpful browser with machine learning

We share how we are using machine learning (ML) to build a better browser for Chrome users.

Personalize Chrome with themes from LGBTQ+ artists

We commissioned LGBTQ+ artists to design new themes for Chrome browser and Chromebooks, available starting today.

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