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Save 50% on a 1-year subscription to Dashlane's premium password manager

We all know vital information about ourselves and our private digital accounts can be compromised by cybercriminals. However, many would be frightened to know just how compromised they and their vital data are right this moment.  Security researchers Digital Shadows say usernames and passwords for more than 15 billion accounts are currently up for...

How Electra the puppy keeps cool

My puppy Electra beats the heat. View this post on Instagram The only rule is be cool #puppy #dogsofinstagram #summer #beattheheat #fluffy #cute #adorbs A post shared by Electra (@electra___cute) on Jul 14, 2020 at 5:44pm PDT

Enraged no-masker wants to fight two men who offer him a face mask

This is quasi funny and sad all at once. Stay classy Huntington Beach. — Michael Silver (@BigEastSilver) July 14, 2020 Welcome to Huntington Beach California, where sociopathic no-maskers are proud to declare their god-given right to spread aerosolized droplets of a deadly virus on the elderly and people with compromised...

Kickstarter for a cool deck of 60 conversation-starting questions

My multitalented friend Cooper Bates is the co-founder of Hint Mint (which features artists' work on mint tins), a stage performer, and a photographer. He's got a new project on Kickstarter, and I signed up for it. It's a deck of conversation/introspection cards called "I Think Therefore I Question." From the Kickstarter description: I Think Therefore...

Flux and Contemplation: portrait of an artist in isolation

This year, the merry-go-round of summer music festivals is not happening, all the major events have been canceled. And that's a bummer. But luckily, the pandemic didn't stop artists' creativity. Here comes a musical consolation, Flux & Contemplation — Portrait of an Artist in Isolation courtesy of Simon Posford. Simon Posford (a.k.a. Hallucinogen)...

Donny and Marie Osmond sing "Reelin' In the Years"

What's not to love about this opening segment from the Donny & Marie Show, which first aired on January 20, 1978. Besides this a fantastic cover of Steely Dan's "Reelin' In the Years," the episode had an all-star guest lineup with Ruth Buzzi, Buddy Hackett, and Suzanne Somers. If you enjoyed this video, there's more Image: YouTube

Pizzeria owner tosses hot pizza at machete-wielding robber, pizza wasted but robbery thwarted

A Delaware pizza shop owner threw a hot pizza pie at an attempted robber, police say. The owner of Stargate Pizza in Greenwood told troopers that on Friday, a man with a machete approached him and demanded money. The pizza shop owner said he told the man he didn’t have any, and threw a pizza at him, after which the machete-wielding man fled in a car....

How to make your own DEC H-500 Computer Lab Reproduction

Michael Gardi, who makes reproductions of vintage computers and computer-like games, went all out and built a DEC H-500 Computer Lab. He even posted a step-by-step Instructable on how to make your own H-500 reproduction. Most people reading this will be familiar with the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) lines of PDP machines. I would guess though...

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated in hospital for 'possible infection'

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Tuesday morning for treatment of a 'possible infection.' She is 87, and has survived cancer four separate times. The Supreme Court said in a statement Tuesday afternoon that Ginsburg is now resting comfortably. According to the statement she “will...

Nazi Sebastian Gorka is back, Trump appoints him to national security advisory board for 4 years

Because 2020 isn't enough of a mockery and a grim shitshow, yes. Gorka's back. Sebastian Gorka (the 'Dr.' is phony, his PhD is not legitimate) is back in the administration, the White House announces Tuesday. Gorka is a literal card-carrying actual Nazi who swore an oath to wipe out Jewish people and swear allegiance to Hitler. A Nazi. Impeached...

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