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Confirmed: Prodrive P25 Is A Reimagined 400bhp+ Subaru Impreza 22B On Steroids

The famed rally and motorsport engineers’ P25 will recreate the Subaru rallying legend

The New Golf R 20 Years Is The Most Powerful Production Golf Ever

Tweaks to the engine, gearbox and aesthetics could make the Golf R 20 Years the greatest Golf hot hatch yet

Here’s Your Chance To Buy Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5

Live out all of your 007 fantasies with the ultimate Bond car

2023 BMW M3 And M4 ‘Edition 50 Jahre’ Features Revived Heritage M3 Colours

BMW M’s 50-year celebrations continue with this special edition of the BMW M3 and M4

Kevin Hart’s Custom Plymouth Roadrunner Features A 927bhp V8 And Matching Nike Air Max Trainers

Hart's purpose-built 927bhp V8 monster came with some matching Nike shoes, because why not?

Watch: Hear The Bugatti Bolide’s W16 Engine Roar Into Life By Lake Como

This stunning 1,556bhp track-only spaceship could be the last machine to use Bugatti’s famous W16 engine

Watch: New Video Of The $3M Gordon Murray T.50 Airbag Calibration Test Is Painful To See

The Gordon Murray T.50 is put through its paces during airbag calibration testing

Carlos Sainz Believes Porpoising Could Cause Serious Health Problems For Formula 1 Drivers

The Spanish driver blames bouncing at high driving speeds for issues in his back and neck

The Mercedes-AMG Vision AMG Previews A Fast Future Without V8 Engines

This is Mercedes-AMG's vision of an engine-less future, but it features exhaust-pipe inspired taillights

The New BMW M4 CSL Is A 542bhp Racing Machine With Flared Nostrils

The hardcore version of the M4 has ditched 100kg and is the fastest BMW ever to lap the Nürburgring

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