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Reader Submitted: Spotlight On European Industrial Design Work: JETSURF XRACE Board & Airless Wheels

Design of the JETSURF XRACE a sharp and clean-looking racing board with a focus on uncompromising performance.View the full project here

An Example of Terrible UI Design: The Gas Gauge in the Volkswagen Atlas

I recently had my Volkswagen Golf Alltrack at the dealership for routine maintenance. As a courtesy, this dealership will give you a loaner car if you pre-request it. This time they gave me a new Atlas, their largest SUV model.This was just before the gas crunch hit, but fuel was still on their minds. "We're now charging for the fuel you use with the...

Binder Jetting 3D Printing Will be a Game Changer

Binder jetting is a 3D printing process that uses inkjet print heads to deposit a liquid binding agent onto a powder bed. A thin layer of powder is spread across the build platform, and the printhead makes a pass over it, squirting its goo with precision.Then the build platform drops down a smidgen, a recoating blade spreads a new layer of powder across...

A Nifty Rolltop Box with Drawer

I've seen rolltop breadboxes before, but never an object like this, where the drawer operates the rolltop:This video is floating around the interwebs with no attribution. If you know who the original poster is, or better yet who made it, please drop a line in the comments so we can credit them.

Mattel's New PlayBack Program Will Recycle Your Toys for Free

This week Mattel launched PlayBack, their initiative to recover and recycle used toys (of their own manufacture). Whether unwanted, outgrown or simply broken, the company will e-mail you a free shipping label for them. You ship the toys back to them as-is--no cleaning necessary--and they recycle the recyclable bits to be used in new toy manufacture.Get...

A Portable Work Table With a Unique Collapsing Method

Rated for 1,000 pounds, I have no idea how sturdy this Keter Folding Work Table actually is……but it certainly has the most unique breakdown method I've ever seen:via u/nomnompewpewAccording to owner reviews here, you disengage the locks on the sides, which then allows the table to collapse. Unsurprisingly, flipping it over is not the manufacturer's...

How They (Used to) Make Rope

Outside of Gothenburg, Sweden is the Repslagarmuseet ("Museum of Rope Making"). The museum is in fact a functional factory where they manufacture rope in the old-school manner, in this case rigging lines for the Galeas Gurine, a restored sailing ship in Norway.Teaser:The full video (>4 mins, below) is worth the watch. And check out how around the...

A Sharp Design Departure for Mercedes: The Concept EQT

Mercedes has unveiled a highly unusual (for them) concept vehicle, one whose design DNA deviates rather sharply from the brand's. Their EQT electric van is aimed not at sober business executives, but is meant to "appeal to families and all those private customers, whatever their age, who enjoy leisure activities and need a lot of space and maximum variability...

"New Details" Suggest Execs, Not Hackers, Shut Down Colonial Pipeline Due to Inability to Bill Customers

We've all heard that the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies nearly half of the gasoline consumed by the East Coast, was shut down by hackers. I assumed that meant hackers tapped into the actual physical controls of the pipeline, remotely locking them or making them unsafe to operate. But "new details" reported by The Drive suggest that the hackers did...

The Cadmio Product Visualization App, Reviewed by an Industrial Designer

Cadmio, a product visualization app for the iPad Pro, is still in private beta. If you're curious about what it can do, industrial designer Eric Strebel got his hands on a copy, and runs it through his paces in this review:You can request access to the beta yourself here.

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