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Design for a Bottle Where You Don't Have to Take Your Eyes Off the Road When Drinking From It

I might be the only person in this county who hasn't hit a deer yet. You see the roadside carcasses and/or blood-smeared pavement regularly. I keep my eyes glued to the twisty roads down here, and even still have had a few near misses; the deer seem to spring out of nowhere.Which leads me to water bottles. I don't like the typical design because you...

A Gift You Won't Be Receiving This Holiday Season: Rolls-Royce's Push-Button Automatic Champagne Chest

Those in the business of creating cars are usually on either the design side or the engineering side. Gavin Hartley, however, is one of those rare individuals with degrees in both. The Loughborough University/RCA grad spent 11 years honing his skills at Land Rover, and has spent the past 15 years in the enviable position of Head of Bespoke Design for...

That Danish Manual Rotary Cheese Slicer Costs $771 and is Way More Complicated Than We Thought

In "Alternative Design Approaches for Slicing Cheese," we looked at some unusual (to Americans) cheese-chopping contraptions from overseas. A Danish model made us curious, but we couldn't find any details on it. Thankfully, reader Simon Flummox is familiar with the model, sent a link to a Danish retailer, and explained how it works:"This CC Ide model...

Tata Now Delivering New Cars to Customers in Plastic "Safety Bubbles"

What a boon the pandemic has been for plastics manufacturers (see: 2020 Santa Claus). The latest outsized example of COVID-inspired demand comes from India's Tata Motors, which is presenting newly-purchased cars and SUVs to their customers in plastic tents that they're calling "Safety Bubbles."According to Autocar India: "Tata Motors has begun delivering...

You Add Ideas (Seven of Them) – You Win Prize

The first 20 people to add a gift idea to each of our seven guides will receive: an original Hand-Eye Supply denim hat, a custom eyeglass case, a pair of vintage safety spectacles. :oView the full content here

How to Make a DIY Motorized Turntable for Spraypainting and Shooting 360-Degree Videos

Having a turntable that can rotate under its own power is great for both spraypainting and 360-degree product shoots. In this video, industrial designer Eric Strebel shows you how he made his own, using a harvested motor from a microwave and basic studio materials:_________Tip if you're looking to go heavy: Somewhere in the basement I've got a turntable...

The Nobe 100, a Beautiful, Retro Electric 3-Wheeler from Estonia

Remember Sandy Munro, the manufacturing expert who did those Tesla teardown videos? His company, Munro & Associates, has a very unusual client: Nobe, an electric car startup from Estonia that's trying to get their 3-wheeled Nobe 100 into production. And it's a doll of a design.The company has been trying to launch for years, but couldn't crack the...

Design Concept for a Self-Sealing Storm Drain

In areas prone to flooding, storm surges can occasionally reverse drainage systems, sending dirty water spewing up through storm drains. Additionally, stagnant water beneath a storm drain can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.The FloaX concept, designed in Taiwan by Yu-Chun Chang & Joseph Kah-Rong Wong, is intended to protect against both...

FCC Cancels Plan to Allow In-Flight Cell Phone Calls

Great news: The FCC has announced they're canceling their boneheaded plan to allow in-flight cell phone calls, ending seven years of speculation. It was in 2013 that they first proposed allowing airline passengers to yap on their mobiles above 10,000 feet. Unsurprisingly, flight attendants and pilots were strongly against the proposal and now, for reasons...

Sustainable Gifts for the Eco-Minded Designer

Sustainable design gifts are getting ever-more popular these days as people become more aware of the harm products can do to the planet. Give a gift to friends and family that delights while also reducing their carbon footprint.View the full content here

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