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Jean-Francois Le Minh’s Art is a Masterclass in Experimentation

Words Emily Sandiford For some, collagen is the elixir of youth. Its name conjures thoughts of supplements and sub-dermal treatments, promising smoothness and beauty. But for french artist Jean-Francois Le Minh, collagen offers an entirely different promise.

A raw and minimalist style for La Petite cafe [Abu Dhabi]

Words Mariana Bettinelli In the city of Al Ain in Abu Dhabi, Bone studio has redesigned La Petite cafe taking inspiration from the colors and texture of the surrounding desert. The 85 square meter space is now traversed by a long pink plaster counter. Conceived in two blocks of different heights, this monolithic volume highlights the longitudinal nature...

Juxtaposition with French Graphic Designer Élise Rigollet

Words Kylie McDowell Élise Rigollet is a Paris-based freelance graphic designer working with both studios and clients direct. After receiving her Graphic Design Masters at École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Rigollet interned and lived in different cities like Glasgow and Berlin before eventually returning to Paris in 2019.

Wonders is a new poetry book with a modern appeal

Words Marta Knas Wonders is a poetry book by a Montreal-based Studio Monozygote featuring a collection of poems and illustrations by a local artist Karim. With 75 original texts and 69 images, the publication was imagined as an art book but suitable to be read on the go.

NXT MUSEUM a place that will redefine how we experience art

Words Claire Granlund Located in an old tv studio space on the north side of the city you can find Amsterdam's newest addition to digital art, the NXT MUSEUM. This museum is dedicated to new media art and emergent techniques and it will redefine how we experience art.

Volume Heavenly Jelly Cocktails

Words Marta Knas Volume is a not-so-ordinary brand concept for cocktails, offering a portable tasting experience. It was named after ABV - alcohol by volume - the standard measure indicating the amount of alcohol inside the drink.

Life is a Circus at Tienda 14 Store [Madrid]

Words Marta Knas The playful marriage of geometry and color creates the most unique shopping experience at Tienda 14 Store in Madrid for a Munich footwear brand. Designed by Studio Animal, the space combines

Escape to the Woods with Peter Bohlin’s Forest House

Words Emily Sandiford For anyone fantasizing of escape right now, Peter Bohlin’s Forest House is the perfect fuel for daydreams. Nestled in the West Cornwall woods, this award-winning Connecticut house was built in 1975 and designed as a retreat for Bohlin’s parents. The Forest House exists in respectful harmony with its leafy environment. Constructed...

Playful Realism With Peter Favinger

Words Kylie McDowell Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Peter Favinger takes us on a journey through surreal renders of dreamlike spaces.

DeadHungry also known as Alex Paganelli

Words Claire Granlund The chef, photographer, and filmmaker Alex Paganelli also known as DEADHUNGRY was born in the picturesque French Alps. During his upbringing, he was surrounded by the beauty of mountains and cultural diversity, which came natural with Italian-British parents.

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