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Say NO to Brussels diktat! Furious French MEP throws down gauntlet to EU as bloc in chaos

BRUSSELS received a brutal scolding by French MEP Nicolas Bay over its attempts to "persecute" Poland on rule of law matters.

Sturgeon's hated scheme labelled 'utterly shambolic' as businesses could be taken to court

SCOTTISH businesses face prosecution if they do not enforce the SNP-led Government's controversial vaccine passport scheme.

Scientists probe 'fifth force of nature' as 'exciting' breakthrough could rewrite physics

PARTICLE physicists may be on the cusp of a major breakthrough, with recent discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN suggesting there is an undiscovered, fifth force of nature.

France slammed for 'deeply irresponsible' energy threat 'Increase risk of loss of life!'

EMMANUEL Macron has been slammed for threatening to cut off energy supplies to Britain in what expert Andy Mayer warned is a "direct threat" to British lives.

Kate puts arm around William in tender behind the scenes moment caught on camera -pictures

KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William were caught on camera in a rare public display of affection.

'Britain just a look into future' Germany panic as nation scrambles for 80k lorry drivers

GERMANY is suffering from its own shortage of lorry drivers - as many as 80,000, as European nations struggle to cope with supply chain issues.

Princess Charlene health fears: 'She is really not doing well' – royal fans share concern

PRINCESS CHARLENE of Monaco's ill health for much of 2021 has shocked royal fans, with many sharing messages of support or concern for her following her latest Instagram post.

'New quiet man of politics!' Tories mock SNP's Ian Blackford as Scot loses voice

SNP MP Ian Blackford was heavily mocked by Tory MP Anthony Mangnall after losing his voice during Prime Questions on Wednesday.

Poland rages at EU's 'ridiculous' proposal after Russia humiliation: 'We will NOT agree'

POLAND has rejected the EU's "ridiculous" climate proposals after the bloc was humiliated by a gas crisis orchestrated by its reliance on Russia.

'Why hasn't he got a mask on!?' Blackford sparks fury as he speaks with 'nasty cold'

IAN BLACKFORD has sparked a furious backlash after failing to wear a mask despite appearing to have a sore throat and having issues with his voice.

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