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Huge row erupts between UK and EU as Boris shuns bloc's vaccines scheme

BRUSSELS has accused the Government of lying about the bloc's coronavirus vaccine scheme in a fresh row over future cooperation.

Sadiq Khan attacks Boris for not wearing a face mask... while not wearing a face mask

SADIQ KHAN has heavily criticised Boris Johnson for not making face masks mandatory in confined spaces such as shops, even though the London Mayor was not wearing one himself when he was interviewed at a restaurant this afternoon.

Egypt breakthrough: How isotope analysis exposed 'ingenious' origins of Great Pyramid

EGYPT's Great Pyramid of Giza's origin was exposed after researchers uncovered the "ingenious" solutions used by the ancient civilisation thanks to isotope analysis.

Andrew Neil taunts Owen Jones for failure to 'cancel' his BBC career

ANDREW NEIL has lashed out at left-wing commentator Owen Jones on Twitter, accusing him of trying to "cancel" his BBC career.

Varoufakis demands release of secret documents amid accusations of backroom EU cover-up

YANIS VAROUFAKIS has called for the release of top secret European Union documents amid accusations of a backroom cover-up.

London stabbing: Police officer in hospital after being attacked with knife in Hendon

A KNIFE attack in Hendon, London has left a Met Police officer in hospital with stab wounds.

SNP shamed: Thousands of British Troops to be compensated by Boris for Sturgeon tax hikes

WHITEHALL is having to step in to protect Scottish Armed Forces personnel from "SNP tax hikes".

Labour fury: How Alastair Campbell issued brutal swipe at Noel Gallagher

LABOUR PARTY spin doctor Alastair Campbell once issued Oasis star Noel Gallagher a brutal swipe as Prime Minister Tony Blair prepared a Downing Street party, unearthed accounts reveal.

China sparks panic with threat to take 'reciprocal measures' against US over sanctions

CHINA has threatened the US with "reciprocal measures" after Washington imposed tough sanctions on senior Chinese officials over alleged human rights abuses against the Uighur Muslim minority.

Queen stuns adorable boy with letter over concerns for her sadness and loneliness

QUEEN ELIZABETH II sent a heartfelt message to a thoughtful boy who worried about her possible sadness and loneliness during the lockdown.

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