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Team 730 adds steel entrance pavilions to Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo

Mexican architecture studio Team 730 has completed a pavilion within Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo that offers new exhibition spaces and refurbishes an existing welcome building. Read more

Harry Potter books influence design of Briarcliff house by Iannuzzi Studio

A cluster of gabled pavilions clad in grey panels and golden-toned cedar form a Michigan home for a creative family designed by architecture firm Iannuzzi Studio. Read more

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University presents 10 design projects

Dezeen School Shows: tableware designed to heighten all five senses and a restaurant enterprise that brings families together by communicating the needs of elderly family members are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Read more

GOA tops Metasequoia Grove Restaurant with cluster of tree-informed pyramids

Chinese studio Group of Architects has created a restaurant topped with a canopy made from a series of aluminium pyramidal forms in the village of Suzhou, China. Read more

Knox Bhavan creates flood-resilient March House on banks of River Thames

London studio Knox Bhavan has created a prefabricated, flood-resilient house on the bank of the River Thames in Buckinghamshire, which is designed to be "future-proof" for at least the next 100 years. Read more

"Architects must reject the 'follow your passion' narrative and see ourselves as workers"

Widespread unionization should be supported by studio leaders as it would help architecture businesses thrive as well as giving workers a fair deal, writes Andrew Daley of Architectural Workers United. Read more

Ten Brazilian houses that reflect country's diverse landscape

A concrete house in the rainforest, a rammed earth home in a mountainous landscape and a red-painted steel structure in the city of São Paulo are included in this roundup of 10 Brazilian houses from the Dezeen archive. Read more

Terra Nova soil monitor aims to avert future food crisis

To fight the threat of soil degradation to food supply, design graduate Ryan Waterhouse has invented a portable device that monitors the health of topsoil. Read more

Morag Myerscough reveals colourful flags emblazoned with environmental message on Oxford Street

British artist Morag Myerscough has created an aerial installation of 105 flags for the Clean Power campaign, which aims to encourage conversation about renewable energy. Read more

Fanny and Matthew Mueller complete 17-year renovation of Brooklyn townhouse

Architects Fanny and Matthew Mueller have completed a lengthy and extensive renovation of their family home in Brooklyn, called 17 at 17, which features floating steps, loft beds and a wood-and-steel bridge. Read more

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