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F*** You Pay Me Founder Lindsey Lee Knows People Are Tired of 'Accepting Less Than You're Worth'

An inside look at the rapidly growing brand-partnership review site for influencers.

TikTok Rolls Out Q&A Feature for Everyone

Creators can now directly respond to follower queries via text or video.

San Diego Zoo Vaccinates Apes Against COVID-19

Several of the zoo's gorillas were infected with coronavirus in January.

Learn How Python Can Help You Take Your Business's Coding Needs Into Your Own Hands

Python is arguably one of the best languages for non-technical founders to learn.

Two Stages Every Entrepreneur Goes Through Before Becoming a Success

Have you always dreamed of being successful in everything you do? So don't go, these lines are written precisely for you.

Entrepreneur, did you run out of energy? 4 phrases that will give it back to you

"Everything you can or dream of doing, start it. Audacity contains in itself genius, power and magic." Goethe

Audie Attar and Conor McGregor Talk Fighting Resistance with Boldness, Dreaming Big and How to Achieve Your Goals

Paradigm Sports CEO Attar and MMA fighter McGregor, longtime friends, discuss success and what it takes to be the best.

Make an Impact With Video Marketing and Edit Like a Pro with This Simple Software

Save nearly half off Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021.

A Cyberpunk Scene at SpaceX's Launch Facilities: A Robot Dog Inspected the Wreckage of a Starship Rocket Prototype

A robotic dog wandered the wreckage of a Starship prototype that exploded after its landing.

4 Signs It's Time to Ditch Your Day Job and Work for Yourself

Count down the workday minutes until you can run to your car? It might be time to keep running and never look back.

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