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Nerd Goes Viral for Juggling Dumb Crap and TikTokers Are Annoyed That They Can't Stop Watching

And we all thought it was cool to flip pens...

Son Refuses to Do Dishes Right, Forced to Eat off His “Clean” Dishes, Internet Approves

If you've ever had a friend, roommate or partner who didn't understand how doing dishes works, you might not realize just how important it can be to drill this kind of crap into someone's head. The idea that your laziness might have an affect on other people is important to instill, and the internet was totally onboard.Almost everyone knows someone...

"It's About Farm Time": Farmers Show Off How Hard They Work By Proudly Revealing Their Farmer's Tan

We stan a good farmer's tan.

Guy Faces Wrath of Random Women When Forced to Go Into Women's Restroom to Change Infant Son

It's so confusing how a situation like this could occur in 2022. In a world where we pursue litigation for everything and equality for all… We still can't put changing stations on the wall of a men's restroom? This should be required so that fathers can change their children's dirty diapers without having to brave the horrors of a women's restroom....

Husband Annoyed At Pregnant Wife's Pain, Internet Wants Him Gone

It certainly takes a special type of person to be annoyed by their partner's discomfort and health pains. It's tough to imagine judging someone who you (supposedly) love so deeply for something that is entirely out of their control and acting like they are being lazy. Even worse when the thing that is causing that discomfort and pain is the fact that...

Relatable Mom Goes Viral for for Showing How Mom’s Never Actually Get a Vacation From Being a Mom, Especially While Vacationing

Oh, the joys of parenting.

Corporate Millennials Discuss Being in Middle Management: Is It Empowering or Utterly Soul-Sucking?

Imposter syndrome has now been replaced with existential dread of living the rest of your life in pointless Zoom meetings… 

Tiny Missouri Woman Climbs into 20ft Lifted Ford Truck That Puts Monster Trucks to Shame

I think a Corolla could drive right under this…

26 People Share Mistakes They Made Once and Never Again

Mistakes are the way we learn and get better at things. At least that's what we tell ourselves every time we majorly screw up. That way it feels like our enormously stupid errors seem like they have at least some value. There are some mistakes that people make again and again, like texting an ex or going to Arby's. But sometimes a mistake can be so...

Idiot Gets Fired for Being a Creep, Uses Same Job as Reference, Doesn’t Think It’s a Big Deal

If you're fired specifically because you've been putting your hands on all of your coworkers, it's probably a big deal. After a store-wide investigation, it turned out just about everyone had a story about this guy being creepy, and it led to his eventual termination from the job. You'd think that would be the last anyone heard from him, but no. He...

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