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Man's Stoked Levels Soar Through The Roof Over Deep Stream Discovery

This guy's enthusiasm is infectious. He's all passion, baby. That deep stream must've been brimming with gratitude over all the love that it was given. 

Giant Elephant Seals Engage In Passionate Duel

These elephants seals weren't playing around when it came to going to war over another seal that'd caught both their fancy. The sounds that they're making pretty much stop you in your tracks. The earth must've been rumbling and grumbling underneath all of that gargantuan movement. 

Liquid Nitrogen in A Dirty Container Has Strong Alien Symbiote Vibes

We thought our interest in liquid nitrogen would end in high school, but clearly it hasn't, because we're watching grime boil at room temperature while hooting like morons. Will we compare every sentient-looking mass to Venom forever? Yes. Does that make us look like uncultured cretins? You bet your doodle. Does this look wacky nonetheless? Yes also.

Customer Doesn't Leave Tip, TikToker Sabotages Customer's Order

Oh boy, this is just the kind of incendiary video that was guaranteed to divide the internet. Apparently there was a complete lack of a tip being left by the customer in this situation. So, the TikToker decided to heat up the customer's coffee order. Pretty ruthless move there.

Boss Insists Spellcheck Is Broken, Has It "Fixed," Makes Gibberish Until Fired

If spellcheck is making it impossible for you to make a sentence, there's a decent chance it's not spellcheck's fault. It's like this employee who insisted on their spelling of "Hampster." This exact issue is what births many dumb and creative spelling fails, but we're not here to tell people how to spell correctly. We're here to laugh at them. It's...

Wholesome Moments That Prove People Are Pretty Alright

It's extremely easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life and assume the worst in people. Sure, bad things happen, but it's important to remember that people still do wholesome things for the love of the game. There are still girls setting up dirt restaurants and janitors getting well-deserved jobs. There are still blessed images and stories people...

Guy Goes For Morning McDonald's Trip, Laughs At Road Rager, Almost Perishes

Those road ragers can't be taken lightly, man. You're dealing with someone who has completely given themselves over to a blind rage, and is in a terribly reactive state where they're bound to try just about anything. In this case, it sounds like this guy's Spidey Sense was out of commission. If I were him, I'd have done some emotional eating after that...

Activities That Look Fun In Movies But Are Actually Terrible

Movies have a way of making being a struggling business owner seem folksy when in reality it's a whole lot of paperwork and barely paid bills. Movies make fights look like great stands for justice when most often they're a great opportunity to break your hands, even if you win. Movie logic is unrealistic. Maybe that's why we like them. But that said,...

Pettiest Reasons Lawyers Witnessed Divorces

Love is a dangerous chemical. It drives people to absolute insanity. Rationality has a tendency to be tossed right out the window when you find yourself blinded by those fiercely euphoric rose-colored glasses, and willing to do pretty much everything to keep the love alive. And then oh boy, when that very love runs its natural course, things flicker...

Cashier Tries To Help Impatient Customer, Impatient Customer Gets In His Own Way

Impatient people can really be a handful when it comes to trying to work a customer service gig without hating every little bit about the experience. The stage that was set for the unfolding of this rather nasty play sounds like it was absolutely miserable. Honestly, good on the cashier for just sinking into the experience and making the most out of...

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