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People's Most Triumphant "I Told You So" Moments

We shouldn't be happy when bad things happen, but the whole world would be lying if it never admitted that some satisfaction comes with being right. That "I told you so" momentis sweet and it is strong. The feeling of righteous indignation is nice, even when it comes from your brother in law electrocuting himself while installing a lightbulb improperly.

HOA Member Gets Neighbor's Car Towed, Neighbor Returns The Favor

We're no strangers to HOA dramas here. We highly doubt this'll be the last time that we end up reading about a rude HOA member getting their rightful comeuppance. Just picturing the mystified and enraged expression on the HOA member's face from this story is enough to get the laughs rolling. It sounds like the guy was a genuinely dislikable dude, who...

Mad Lads Who Made The World Their Playground

While the rest of us are out going to work, living honest lives and jogging or whatever, there are mad lads out there playing by their own rules. Whether it be chicanery, shenaniganry or all-out tricksiness, these mad lads just don't give a dang about what any one thinks. They may range from outrageous to morally gray, but they're always out there.

Hyped Up Things That Totally Flopped

Right off the bat it's striking to see how many "next big things" that ended up totally flopping came right out of the Google factory. Maybe that's part of their secret though. Just going with a multitude of crazy ideas, and hoping that at least one of them will hit big. I mean, they definitely have the resources to funnel all those necessary funds...

Bird Steals Nesting Material From Napping Fox

That fox must've been in one deep slumber. Also though, shout out to the bird for the fearless maneuvering. Homie was clearly on a mission to gather all that necessary nesting material. Things could've shaken out very differently for the bird. 

Delicate Bus Driver Shifts With The Velvet Touch

While the rest of us are stuck grinding our gears and battering our transmissions like fried chicken, this guy is shifting with the touch of an angel. It's like he hardly even makes physical contact as his magic fingers delicately guide the gearshift. The way he uses just the tips, it's less like he's driving a bus and more like he's handling a Kleenex....

Dudes Crush 55 Gallon Steel Can Using Air Pressure

Every second was kind of terrifying. They really get you with all the buildup. And then, boom. Bye bye, can. 

Heroic Railway Employee Rescues Child From Oncoming Train

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes the real life heroic moments present themselves when people act from a place of selfless love and do the right thing regardless of how terrifying the external circumstances might be. It's videos like these that can temporarily restore your faith in humanity. 

Tumblr Thread: Ridiculous Cons People Pull Off Through Complete Confidence

Man oh man, it's a Tumblr thread like this that might lead you to walk through life with just a bit more caution about strangers' underlying intentions. Specifically, whether or not that random dude who shows up wearing a work outfit similar to the company you work for, actually works for the company. Honestly wonder if that little bit about Leo DiCaprio...

Neighbors Steal From Garden, Plant Puns Wall Of Shame Ensues

The nerve of these neighbors is kind of mind blowing. Like, you have the audacity to go ahead and steal from someone's garden, and then complain when they rightfully and creatively call you out? Okay then. Some folks were in clear and glaring need of a reality check. Can't think of a better way to do it than with some puns. If this tale got you going,...

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