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TikToker Uses the Viral "Smash or Pass" Trend Jokingly As a Job Recruiter and Sparks Debate in the Comments

Helping the recruiting team review new hires on LinkedIn like…

TikToker Hilariously Exposes a Horse Selling Scam On Facebook and Goes Viral

They said they could over night ship an entire horse… 

Dude Perfectly Narrates Cat Altercation

It's one of those videos we didn't know we needed until it happened to us. There's tremendous skill in being able to read a situation, and this guy's interpretation of this cat's inner monologue is way too spot on. This cat is serious. Also, we need this man to do UFC commentary.

"My Journey to Becoming a Pathological Liar": Viral TikToker Straight Up Admits He Lies In Every Video, Yet Still Has Viewers Thinking He's Telling the Truth

"I've had the time of my life lying to so many people…"

Star Trek Next Generation Memes That Go Hard Like Picard

Star Trek is one of those interesting shows that makes us ask interesting questions about the meaning of life itself, our values, our place in the universe, but most importantly, who has to clean the holodeck after someone does some sex stuff in there? Our quatloos are on Geordi. Anyway, here are some more Star Trek memes to scroll through while sitting...

Video Game Sequels More Disappointing Than The Last Jedi

25 More Trolls From the Master of the Craft 'Ken M'

Enjoy another hearty dose of legendary trolls from the master of the craft, Ken M.If you missed the first batch check it out here. 

Jerk Boss Refuses to Accept Data Management Worker's Resignation, Tells Him He Can't Leave

What insane power trip is this boss on? Does he seriously think he can just order his workers not to quit? That's not employment, there's another word for that.This guy seriously thinks that he is a feudal lord and all of his serfs are dependent on him for life or death. That guilt trip of "how could you leave and do this to your coworkers" is so indicative...

Ridiculous Tweets to Browse While You Eat(s)

Enjoy this fresh collection of funny tweets as you enjoy whatever scrumptious breakfast it is that you're having.Then check out this second helping to help cure your boredom. 

Entitled Sister Rebrand's Brother's Gifts To Her Kids, Says They're From Santa

No one likes it when someone takes credit for someone else's hard work. It's the same reason we all hate doing group projects. This guy ran into the interesting problem of his sister trying to Santa-launder his gifts to her kids. Was she just trying to save money? Did she forget to buy enough presents? This feels like the kind of issue that shouldn't...

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