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Only 4.8% of designers are Black. Herman Miller, Adobe, and Gap unveil a plan to change that

Nearly two dozen companies are pledging to bring equity to design through the newly launched Diversity in Design Collaborative. Design is a particularly white profession. Depending on the poll, only 3% to 4.8% of designers are Black. But a powerful new collective of design companies is looking to change that.Read Full Story

How inequitable hiring trends hurt BIPOC youth the most

National Youth Hiring Day puts the spotlight on 16- to 24-year-olds who face systemic barriers—and what companies can do to help. As vaccination rates rise, hiring is picking up, workplaces are reopening, and we’re gingerly transitioning back to normal. Despite this hopeful time, inequitable hiring trends for youth are starting to repeat themselves. Read...

Biden’s $100 billion investment in broadband could open tech jobs to more people

The $100 billion boost to broadband infrastructure will go far in opening up access to a more diverse workforce in technology. U.S. companies in every industry are desperate for tech talent. Interviews for technical roles, like software developers and data scientists, increased 106% from early 2020 to 2021, according to data from HackerRank. Recruiters...

America has eight parking spaces for every car. Here’s how cities are rethinking that land

Cities like Buffalo are getting rid of parking minimums and changing zoning, which opens up valuable space. For urban planners, parking rules established decades ago have become a contentious 21st-century challenge. Parking takes up about one-third of land area in U.S. cities; nationwide, there are an estimated eight parking spaces for every car.Read...

Tim Berners-Lee, who gave us the web, is selling his code—as an NFT

The World Wide Web’s inventor is jumping on the NFT bandwagon, which may lend credibility to the digital-asset technology. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, will sell the source code that made the first web browser work. The code–9,000 lines of it–will be sold as an NFT, or nonfungible token, in a Sotheby’s auction later this month.Read...

What to do when you’re met with resistance from your manager

Rather than passively worrying that your manager is losing faith in you, here’s how to diagnose the issue and quickly course-correct. Does this sound familiar? You’re working on challenging projects within your department, but your manager keeps putting up roadblocks and impeding your progress. If so, you may worry that your manager is losing confidence...

Twitter is working on ‘unmentions’ to let you silence bullies and outrage mobs

Twitter is in the works designing much-needed new features that will make its users less susceptible to abuse, outrage mobs, and bullies. Twitter is in the works designing new features that will make its users less susceptible to abuse, outrage mobs, and bullies. Specifically, it’s designing a feature that will allow a user to “unmention” themselves...

These 5 great podcasts explain everything from Bitcoin to cancel culture

Need help sifting through the seemingly endless mass of listening opportunities? Check out our recommendations. There are now so many podcasts out there that the possible listening options can feel overwhelming. Afraid you’re missing out on some great podcast or episode? We’ve been there too.Read Full Story

“A thrilling feedback loop”: How this architect designs for everything from Nobu to ‘Kinky Boots’

Architect David Rockwell adds drama to everything he designs, whether it’s the Ritz-Carlton, the Oscars or a Broadway show. Architect David Rockwell splits his time between two worlds.Read Full Story

The ‘great resignation’ is here. This is how employers should prepare

If you feel like everyone around you is giving two-weeks notice, you’re not alone. Is your company ready for the “great resignation”? Texas A&M University Associate Management Professor Anthony Klotz coined the phrase during an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek and predicts that people who stayed put during the uncertainty of the pandemic are...

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