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Amazon’s mysterious memo may accelerate the U.S. TikTok crackdown

A leaked memo showed the e-commerce giant asking employees to remove TikTok. Then Amazon said it was a mistake. But a point may have been made. Amazon sent a jolt through the debate over the trustworthiness of TikTok on Friday. CNN’s Brian Fung and Zachary Cohen obtained a copy of an Amazon corporate memo telling employees to remove the TikTok social...

Facebook weighs banning political ads before the 2020 election

As hundreds of advertisers boycott the the social media monolith over its divisive content, a political blackout may be coming in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. Political ads on Facebook have long proven a lightning rod for controversy. They’re all too easy to pack with misinformation, while removing misleading ads is its own separate...

Second stimulus checks? Direct payments should be automatic and ongoing, say 156 top economists

Top economists told Congress that Americans need direct payments and those should be automatic and ongoing. People who specialize in money are weighing in on the next stimulus package, and they’re urging Congress to get more money into your pocket: One hundred fifty-six top economists, most from dozens of top-tier U.S. universities and think tanks,...

Middle class jobs for non-college grads have disappeared from big U.S. cities

Workers without a four-year degree have seen their city earnings drop so much that even without rising rents, it would be enough to price them out of urban areas. A higher minimum wage could help. Cities are expensive. But it’s not only skyrocketing rents and increasing cost of living that are making them harder and harder places to live for non-wealthy...

Amazon tells employees to take TikTok off their phones: report (Then says it didn’t mean to tell them that)

Amazon no longer lets its workers have TikTok on their cellphones or any other devices used to access their Amazon e-mail, the New York Times reports. Update: In a new statement, Amazon now says the statement was sent “in error” and TikTok is not banned for Amazon employees.Read Full Story

7 things to know about the IRS tax deadline on Wednesday

Procrastinators, we know what you’ll be doing this weekend: Here are seven things you need to know about this year’s unusual Tax Day. Procrastinators, we know what you’ll be doing this weekend: Your taxes.Read Full Story

Muji’s U.S. business declares bankruptcy

The economic crisis has been brutal for retail, even beloved brands like Muji. Muji USA filed for bankruptcy on Friday, the latest retailer to take a hit from the coronavirus.Read Full Story

Lessons I learned transitioning my company to ‘working from anywhere’

To adapt to this new work environment, it’s time to rethink “working from home” to “working from anywhere.” For many business leaders, it took a pandemic to recognize that we live in an unplanned world that needs better support for a more global and digital workforce.Read Full Story

This startup sells clothes from the same factories as Alexander Wang and Prada—at a fraction of the cost

It’s Costco but for cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, and high-end cookware. Last year, Alexander Wang sent a model down the runway at New York Fashion Week in a leather biker jacket that cost $2,995. A startup called Italic found the same factory that Wang used and created a similar jacket—including the placement of studs, zippers, and a belted...

5 ways to revive that job offer that COVID-19 put on hold

Companies put a freeze on hiring when the nation went into lockdown and many saw job offfers slip away. This career coach lays out how you can still snatch it back. It’s well known that COVID-19 has taken a massive toll on the workforce, with more than 40 million people filing for unemployment in the U.S. alone. In addition to job losses and furloughs,...

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