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CES 2021: The smartest ideas from the scaled-down virtual show

These innovations were clever enough to make me wish I could see them in person. One of my favorite parts of CES has always been celebrating the little things.Read Full Story

Why you’re feeling unmotivated and how to deal with it

We shouldn’t try so hard for 2021 to be this massive leap forward, and should instead take a moment to acknowledge what a difficult year we’ve all just been through. “How do you spark joy in a joyless time?”Read Full Story

Troubling study reveals how minor workplace slights can trigger suicidal thoughts in depressed people

Negative interactions at work, even small ones, can weigh heavily on depressed or bipolar colleagues, according to new research. Minor workplace slights can have a significantly negative impact on susceptible employees, according to a new study out of West Virginia University.Read Full Story

Actually, Americans are feeling better than you think this winter

In a new Fast Company-Harris Poll, 75% of Americans say their emotional state is about the same or better in 2021. Happiness experts think they know why. With so much bad news swirling around—COVID-19, politics, racial injustice—you’d think Americans would be throwing up their arms and gobbling down ice cream.Read Full Story

Director Emerald Fennell explains why ‘Promising Young Woman’ doesn’t end how you’d expect

The actor and showrunner makes her stunning directorial debut with a revenge fantasy that crash-lands in reality. There’s nothing easy about Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut.Read Full Story

The rise, fall, and future of Parler, the right-wing site that Amazon shut down

Parler is a favorite of Trump supporters and attendees of the Capitol attack. But its future is now in jeopardy. Early in the morning of January 11, the social media platform Parler went offline after Amazon withdrew the platform’s web hosting services. Parler sued Amazon in response.Read Full Story

The simple reason West Virginia leads the nation in vaccinating nursing home residents

The state has mobilized all its pharmacies (not just big chains) and offered smart incentives. It’s seeing results. The urgency of vaccinating nursing home residents is evident in the numbers. The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 136,000 residents and employees of long-term care facilities in the U.S. alone, accounting for nearly...

7 tips for starting a successful side hustle

The moment you expect people to start paying you money in exchange for the value that you provide, you can no longer treat it as a passive endeavor. If you’ve ever thought about starting a side hustle, you’re probably motivated by one of three reasons:Read Full Story

Move over pajamas. Nightgowns are the new chic, comfortable bedtime staple

These trendy nightgowns will make you rethink your sleep attire. A little romantic, a little old-school, nightgowns should be a bedtime wardrobe staple. But somehow their reputation went from darling and dreamy on Clara in The Nutcracker to the oppressive flannel muumuu variety, without any stops in between.Read Full Story

People with disabilities have been disproportionately affected by the economic impact of COVID-19

Job loss and financial hardship from the pandemic has fallen on some groups more than others. The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed many of the structural cracks in society, including the holes in social systems, and the socio-economic inequities between privileged and marginalized communities.Read Full Story

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