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Ex-Labor Secretary Reich says Democrats should assault Sinema over filibuster stance in deleted tweet

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich became the latest figure on the left to viciously attack Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., over her filibuster stance, suggesting Senate Democrats should assault her.

Rep. Stefanik claps back after Biden questions what GOP 'is for': Republicans are 'for the Constitution'

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-NY, joins 'Fox & Friends' to reflect on President Biden's first year in office and defend the Republican Party's outlook.

Gabby Petito's family back in Florida 4 months later; parents reach agreement regarding couple's property

The family of Gabby Petito was in Florida on Thursday morning, roughly four months after their daughter was found strangled to death in Wyoming, Fox News Digital has learned, as an attorney representing her fiance's loved ones says they have reached an agreement about how the couple’s property will be distributed.

CIA interim report says Havana syndrome not from hostile power campaign, but critics disagree

A new CIA document reportedly states that bizarre illnesses attributed to "Havana Syndrome" are not from attacks by a foreign power, but a whistleblower claims the agency is hiding something.

Bob Saget's final podcast episode with Margaret Cho drops after his death with introduction from Bill Burr

The final episode of Bob Saget’s podcast dropped earlier this week more than a week after the comedian died unexpectedly at age 65.

House Republicans introduce bill to require fentanyl drug traffickers serve life in prison

House Republicans are proposing life sentences for fentanyl traffickers as the U.S. sees rising deaths and drug seizures at the southern border.

Penn swimmer alleges Lia Thomas colluded with fellow transgender swimmer before race

A biological female member of the Penn women’s swimming said she believes Lia Thomas, colluded with Yale transgender swimmer Iszac Henig, who’s transitioning from female to male, during a 100 freestyle race on January 8.

Georgia parents livid after learning about day care teacher's 'heinous crimes' on Facebook

Pollster says Biden news conference earned 'D' and 'F' grades from independents: 'Seems out of touch'

Maslansky & Partners president Lee Carter provided Americans' reactions to President Biden's press conference. While Democrats largely supported his comments, independents gave the president low marks on issues like election integrity and school closures.

Sen. Durbin says he'd like to ask Biden 'what he was thinking' on Putin remarks

Sen. Dick Durbin, a close ally of President Biden, questioned the commander-in-chief's rhetoric on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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