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5 of the Best Non-Photography Books That Shaped My Career

From modern-day yogis like Kelly Slater to Tim Ferriss, all have one piece of advice that I will paraphrase here: if you want to excel at your craft, you must always be the student, not a master, and immerse yourself into your discipline at all times. [ Read More ]

How to See Better Landscape Photo Compositions

Composition is one of the more nuanced and difficult parts of landscape photography, and it is something even the most experienced among us struggle with. If you are having trouble finding good landscape compositions, this awesome video tutorial breaks the process into three stages that will help you create better images. [ Read More ]

How to Get Sharp Photos When Shooting Handheld

There are many aspects that go into making a successful photo, but at the end of the day, if it is not sharp, the rest will not matter much. A little bit of technique can go a long way into improving your chances of getting a sharp photo, particularly if you are shooting handheld, and this awesome video tutorial will give you some great tips for improving...

Why Tamron's 18-300mm Is So Important For Fuji and Catastrophic for Canon

Tamron recently announced the development of a new 18-300 mm zoom lens which is notable for two claimed firsts: its first X-mount model and the first APS-C model produced as a superzoom. Why is this an important development for Fuji? [ Read More ]

How To Avoid Glare on Glasses in Portrait Photography

If you've ever had to take a portrait of somebody in glasses, you'll likely know that it can be a tricky process. With the eyes tending to be the focal point of a portrait, glare on their glasses can ruin everything, and so you need to know how to handle it. [ Read More ]

Lighting for Danger: Cinematography Techniques You Should Know

There is a lot of content out there showing you how to light various scenes, but if you want to push yourself — really push yourself — behind-the-scenes footage of high-end cinematography can teach you a lot. [ Read More ]

Are You Applying for Canon's New Incubator?

Canon Canada has opened its first-ever mentorship incubator. If you're a creator looking for a helping hand up to the next level, applications are being accepted until August 16. [ Read More ]

How Shooting With Your Phone Will Make You a Better Photographer

Most of us have invested thousands of dollars in dedicated, professional-level photo equipment, and so, the idea of picking up our phones instead seems a bit strange. There is merit in doing just that, however, and this awesome video discusses why you should grab your phone a little more often when you head out. [ Read More ]

5 Tips to Increase Your Photography Income Through Better Networking

Running a successful photography business takes a lot more than simply being good with a camera and having creative ideas. Part of it comes down to simply being able to create opportunities for yourself through networking. If that is something you struggle with, this helpful video tutorial will give you five tips to improve your chances of success when...

Is There a Place for Black and White Photography in Photojournalism?

Photojournalism is ostensibly about capturing the world as we see it, as close to reality as we saw it. That reality often includes color, and the question is: does black and white photography have a place in modern photojournalism? [ Read More ]

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