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Wallpaper of the Week: Water Drops on Dark Green Grass

This wallpaper comes in a wide range of popular image resolutions for computers and mobile devices and tablets. Use the installation instructions for your specific device or browser to set a background image. Read more

Internet Radio: Listen to Music for Free From Thousands of Stations

Internet-Radio has 21,514 live steaming internet radio stations from around the world, with 196 genres. Genres include Anime, Bollywood, Greek, Hindi, Tejano Dub, Kpop, Polka and more mainstream genres like as Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Swing, Big Band, and music from the 50s through the 90s. Read more

How To Combine Multiple Photos Into One PDF File

Combine multiple images into one convenient PDF file using Windows, macOS, or Google Docs. Read more

Find Public Domain Images from Museums with This Visual Search Engine

Museo is a tool that searches public domain images from multiple museum’s collections at the same time. This visual search engine searches the Art Institute of Chicago, the Rijksmuseum, the Harvard Art Museums, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the New York Public Library Digital Collection (with more to come). Read more

Wallpaper of the Week: Shore at Sunset

This week’s wallpaper shows a large body of sunset tinted water with hills to the right. The sun is a small orb setting over the hills. Read more

How To Manage eBooks on All Your Devices Using Calibre

This useful step-by-step guide to using Calibre for Kindle is great if you’ve wanted to use Calibre but didn’t want to try learning a new app. Calibre can help you organize, edit and synchronize your eBooks, track the eBooks you’ve read and liked, converts eBook formats, and downloads covers and metadata. It works with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft...

Listen to a Randomly Chosen Pop/Rock Song by Year for Free

This site lets you find popular songs and music from less known artists by year. is a site where you can click on any year from 1950-2010 and listen to a randomly chosen pop/rock song released in that year. Read more

Find 111,000+ Free Open Source Icons, Illustrations and Graphics

Download over 100,000 quality open source icons for use in design and other projects. Iconduck has collected 111,000+ open source icons in SVG format that are free to download. Iconduck has no registration or download restrictions, a great selection to choose from and some icon sets on the main page to browse. Read more

Search Historical Newspaper Titles Around the World for Free

This easy-to-use search engine features millions of newspaper articles from thousands of worldwide publishers. Read more

How To Switch from LastPass to Bitwarden Password Manager

Next month LastPass users with a free account will be limited to synchronizing data to one type of device. Currently you can sync data between computers and mobile devices. After March, you will be able to sync computer to computer, or mobile to mobile, on the free plan. If you’re looking for an alternative, we recommend Bitwarden, it's our top pick...

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