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Logo Rhythm

Logo Rhythm: Band Logos that Rocked the World (on Kickstarter) features more than 90 design stories behind iconic band logos from the 1960s to present day. “Many of the band logo design trailblazers are no longer with us. Some of their stories have been lost in the mists of time. Logo Rhythm does its damnedest to put this right. To give credit...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 12:52

How did the Wonka logo project come about, and what were you responsible for? I was approached for the work mid-2022 by an old design director of mine, Stephen Goalby. He had since moved on and was heading up the animation department at Framestore. I’d demonstrated a lot of calligraphy and crafted type skills at the agency where we worked together...

Wed Jan 24, 2024 13:13
Tony’s Chocolonely

An interesting image popped up in my LinkedIn feed about the Tony’s Chocolonely logo, posted by Tony’s creative director Arjen Klinkenberg. Here it is. In the comments beneath the post Arjen was asked how the logo would be used on smaller media, such as a pen. He replied, “I would start with asking why would we want to brand a pen, as an...

Wed Dec 20, 2023 17:47

Dan Clarke of Arkotype curates Game+Logo, a wistful Twitter profile featuring logos, wordmarks, and monograms from the video game industry. I’ve cherrypicked some favourites. Two-player Bubble Bobble on the arcade machine in Bangor Cineplex. Wrestlefest edged it, though. Searching for details...

Mon Oct 16, 2023 15:27
Logo Rewind

Logo Rewind, by designer Darren Leader, is a book about the visual language of Medieval Norwich, England. It preserves the city’s medieval “logos” and documents the history of Norwich’s past and its impact upon the earliest era of commercial branding. “During the 14th–16th centuries Norwich was a centre of regional and continental trade with...

Tue Oct 3, 2023 19:50
Paris 2024 logo

The logo for Paris 2024 combines three separate symbols — the gold medal, the flame, and Marianne (the personification of the French Republic). “Each of these symbols reflects a part of our identity and values. It is also the first time in history the same emblem has been used for both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.” —...

Mon Sep 25, 2023 19:51

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