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Livesport New Identity

Livesport is the worldwide provider of live scores, statistics, and other instant updates from over 35 major sports. 

Clorox Company Rebrands

The Clorox Company has introduced a rebrand that retains its iconic diamond mark, but which feels reenergized and more modern.

Helvetica Now Variable, Completely

Monotype has released Helvetica Now Variable, a font technology that gives designers the ability to create, via sliders, almost weight, size, and width of the famous typeface.

Los Angeles Tourism Rebrand

House Industries and artist Shepard Fairey have collaborated to create a new brand identity for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.

Summer Holiday Ideas

Pick up a great “design-adjacent” book, such as Understanding Comics or The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

This is The New BBC

The BBC's recent brand update presented subtle changes to the untrained eye, and so it encountered almost immediate criticism by citizens who felt the project was certainly not worth whatever it cost.

Trademarked Treats

Harrod's new confectionary brand carries not only the retailer's familiar H mark and script wordmark, it also uses an expansive palette of rich color and pattern that speaks of opulence and the expansive range of products available.

Chicago Fire Revisits History

By early 2021, Chicago Fire fans had made it clear that they did not appreciate the soccer team's new logo, introduced in 2019 and dubbed the “fire crown.”

From Ordinary to Ownable

The Citadel has rebranded its athletics program identity through the combined efforts of in-house creative director Stanton Adams; Joe Bosack & Company; and the input of hundreds of the military school's alumni, students, and staff.

Tech Brand Updates

Survey Monkey was founded 20 years ago as an easy-to-use online survey tool, but its managers soon learned that users were not just using it to schedule meetings.

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