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Liberty London expands

London landmark retailer Liberty, whose flagship store is literally built from the timbers of two ancient battleships, has used its quarantine time efficiently: it worked with Pentagram to update, refine, and expand its brand.

Fast-food identity news

Tyler Brooks, creative director of Turner Duckworth, is interviewed by QSR magazine about the challenges of restaurant branding in a socially distanced world.

Being Understood

Some stats note that 1 in 5 people in the United States have learning or thinking differences like ADHD or dyslexia.

2020 Logo Trend Report

Those that follow this report annually may recall a few years back we identified the expanded use of four-pointed stars to which we assigned the name Sparkle. At the time, this group was fledgling, but typically appeared as a non-aligned star avoiding jingoistic or religious connotations with more points. Four points was enough to get the idea across...

How are you really?

The Mental Health Coalition has a new identity created by Pentagram that uses the convention of a square peg in a round hole to explore what is “normal” when it comes to the full spectrum of mental health. 

Quick Mentions...

How do you rebrand a client whose product is generally viewed as unpopular?

Happy Accident, Happy Ending

DesignStudio London created an honest and friendly voice in a new brand identity for Getsafe, an insurance start-up targeted at the 30 and under set.

Creative Webinars

Creative Review maintains a library of webinars that are available for subscribers on subjects that include 

Brand History of Triumph

The Triumph logo, with its familiar “smile” line, is a familiar heritage logo for motorcycle enthusiasts and newbies alike.

Quick notes...

The 173-year-old Mormon Tabernacle Choir has put practices and performances on hold until quarantine restrictions change, but it has released its new logo.

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