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Dressing in Dresses Again

Not that I ever left them completely. I always have loved a good dress. It’s just that there weren’t many on the market that I was excited about for a good stretch there, and I’ve been wearing a lot of my dresses from years ago. But now? So many new ones out there that I love! Red Midi Dress, H&M (old) • Briggs Glasses, Warby Parker...

Tue Sep 13, 2022 00:16
Harping On

I recently became obsessed with harps. Did you know that there are essentially two types: lever and pedal harps? And that those mechanisms affect the repertoire you can play? And that if you want to play classical music compositions (or just have the ability to change keys and play different sharps and flats mid-song), you’ll want a pedal harp and that...

Wed Aug 3, 2022 23:27
That’s Number 8

I went and got a sparkly new piercing in the flat of my left ear! That brings my total number of piercings up to 8. I begged to get my earlobes pierced when I was a kid, and I got them done at Claire’s for my eighth birthday. Some time in my early teens I got the seconds done, again at Claire’s. At 15 or so, I did the helix myself with...

Tue Mar 8, 2022 05:22
Accessories for Aging Former Goth/Witchy Types

Hey, that’s me! I want these things! Perhaps you do too. And anyway, I’m just having some fun with the title. Let’s look at some pretty things for all of us. First off, #1 on this list is clearly gray hair. Let those sparklies grow in! I realize I missed the whole silver sisters grow-out culture that has been taking place by not photographing...

Mon Nov 1, 2021 20:47
Reupholstering My Floral Chair with Calico

Sponsored by Calico I loved my loud floral armchair. It was a floor model, and there was a small rip in the linen fabric when I bought it. I experimented with ways to fix it, ultimately landing on a patch that blended pretty well! I was proud of my handiwork, and the chair was really cute in our last home and in this one. Ten...

Tue Oct 12, 2021 18:44
I Want to Smell Like a Marshmallow

But not like marshmallows. You know? More like the “ooh, you smell so good, what are you wearing” kind of way. Let’s look at some gourmand fragrances that give off that vibe. Fall is here, let’s celebrate! Smell like a marshmallow! (Fun fact, I do not like eating marshmallows. But all of these, save one, have something more to them and that...

Tue Sep 21, 2021 22:39

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