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UK government to launch ad campaign to convince people that end-to-end encryption is bad

The high-budget campaign will reportedly involve 'real-world stunts' even as privacy groups plan... ‎

Order enquiry into Bulli Bai and Sulli Deals apps, IFF urges IT parliamentary committee

It also asked the IT committee to hear from the victims who were targeted through these apps, among... ‎

India will have to wait a little longer for its official cryptocurrency bill: Report

The government continues to hold deliberations while India's unregulated, burgeoning crypto... ‎

Educational institutions can no longer partner with EdTech platforms to offer online degrees and diplomas

The UGC and AICTE reiterated the ground rules for offering online programmes, amid rising scrutiny... ‎

Announcing Speakers, Agenda and Reading List: Decoding India’s Data Protection Bill; Jan 19-20 #Ad

We have a stellar line-up for speakers, and as always, a great set of attendees, over 250 of them,... ‎

Announcing Keynote Speaker: MP Ritesh Pandey; Decoding India’s Data Protection Bill; Jan 19-20 #Ad

We’re especially pleased to announce that MP Ritesh Pandey, Member of the Joint Parliamentary... ‎

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd faces data breach, company says investigation underway

Information on customers and employees were dumped online after negotiations with a hacker group... ‎

RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch opposes direct overseas listing of Indian start-ups: Report

The organisation accused startups of trying to avoid India's regulatory landscape by 'flipping' to... ‎

Apple to allow third-party payment options for dating apps in Netherlands, but there’s a catch

Apple was similarly forced to cede ground to developers in South Korea, signalling what is to come... ‎

Zomato shuts down its South African subsidiary as part of retraining focus on India market

Zomato SA's contribution was reportedly nil and its closure leaves just one international unit... ‎

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