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MIRI 2024 Mission and Strategy Update

As we announced back in October, I have taken on the senior leadership role at MIRI as its CEO. It’s a big pair of shoes to fill, and an awesome responsibility that I’m honored to take on. There have been several changes at MIRI since our 2020 strategic update, so let’s get into it.1 The short version: We think it’s very unlikely that the AI...

Fri Jan 5, 2024 04:41
Written statement of MIRI CEO Malo Bourgon to the AI Insight Forum

Today, December 6th, 2023, I participated in the U.S. Senate’s eighth bipartisan AI Insight Forum, which focused on the topic of “Risk, Alignment, & Guarding Against Doomsday Scenarios.” I’d like to thank Leader Schumer, and Senators Rounds, Heinrich, and Young, for the invitation to participate in the Forum. One of the central points I made...

Thu Dec 7, 2023 00:49
Ability to solve long-horizon tasks correlates with wanting things in the behaviorist sense

Status: Vague, sorry. The point seems almost tautological to me, and yet also seems like the correct answer to the people going around saying “LLMs turned out to be not very want-y, when are the people who expected ‘agents’ going to update?”, so, here we are. Okay, so you know how AI today isn’t great at certain… let’s say “long-horizon” tasks? Like...

Sat Nov 25, 2023 04:35
Thoughts on the AI Safety Summit company policy requests and responses

Over the next two days, the UK government is hosting an AI Safety Summit focused on “the safe and responsible development of frontier AI”. They requested that seven companies (Amazon, Anthropic, DeepMind, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI) “outline their AI Safety Policies across nine areas of AI Safety”. Below, I’ll give my thoughts on the nine...

Wed Nov 1, 2023 05:34
AI as a science, and three obstacles to alignment strategies

AI used to be a science. In the old days (back when AI didn’t work very well), people were attempting to develop a working theory of cognition. Those scientists didn’t succeed, and those days are behind us. For most people working in AI today and dividing up their work hours between tasks, gone is the ambition to understand minds. People working...

Mon Oct 30, 2023 20:00
Announcing MIRI’s new CEO and leadership team

In 2023, MIRI has shifted focus in the direction of broad public communication—see, for example, our recent TED talk, our piece in TIME magazine “Pausing AI Developments Isn’t Enough. We Need to Shut it All Down”, and our appearances on various podcasts. While we’re continuing to support various technical research programs at MIRI, this is no longer...

Tue Oct 10, 2023 23:40

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