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Yet Another Stealth NASA New Business Event

IMEC and Cook County Partner with NASA to Bring New Business Opportunity Event to Manufacturers "Cook County Board President Preckwinkle, the Chicago Metro Metal Consortium (CMMC), and IMEC will host a 3-Day virtual event with NASA and its prime contractors to bring new business opportunities to manufacturers in Cook County and throughout Illinois....

My STS-1 Story

Video of #STS1 launch #OTD 12 April 1981 At 3:47 you can see @SenBillNelson in the VIP area shouting "GO". I was standing 10 feet away (I was Jerry Brown's advance man) and you can see me in the lower right with the sunglasses on, hands on my hips at 4:17— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) April 12, 2021 #OTD 12 April 1981 I stood in...

Book Review: "The Mission: A True Story"

"The Mission: A True Story" By David W. Brown: A Review "To most people outside of NASA, a space mission that is making the news often appears out of nowhere. Sometimes there may be a little news when it is launched and maybe some tidbits along the way. Otherwise, when it does something cool - like land on a planet or sends back pretty pictures,...

Philip K. Chapman

NASA Mourns the Passing of Astronaut Philip K. Chapman "NASA is saddened by the death of Apollo-era astronaut Philip K. Chapman. He was selected in August 1967 to be a member of Astronaut Group 6, who were primarily scientists rather than pilots. Chapman was the first Australian-born American astronaut."

NASA Submits A Budget - And Adjusts Its Artemis Aspirations

When I came to the US at 18 with two suitcases full of books, I had no idea I'd work at @NASA one day. The Biden admin's pledge to land the first person of color on the Moon isn't just historic--it's personal to me. If you can see it, you can believe it.— Bhavya Lal (@blal) April 9, 2021 Acting NASA Administrator Statement...

NASA And Space Hero Are Not "Partners" - At Least Not Yet

Good one @colbertlateshow we just signed an agreement with Nasa to not be left out in the space craft alone, ISS, here we come!!— Space Hero - Coming Soon (@SpaceHeroMedia) April 8, 2021 Keith's note: You may have seen some stories, tweets, and LinkedIn comments about Space Hero and their TV program that will send someone...

JSC's Warp Drive Gizmo Fails More Tests

EmDrive, a Supposed Fuel-less Engine, Is Knocked Down Again, Gizmodo "Five years ago, NASA researchers experimented with an object called the EmDrive (or electromagnetic drive), a Y-shaped metal chamber in which, they reported, thrust could be produced without propellant. Such a contraption would refute core principles of physics as we know them...

NASA's Education Office Ignores NASA Education. Daily.

Keith's note: C'mon Mike Kincaid. Both of these items were sent out today via NASA email lists. You just need to get someone in your office to subscribe. Then, when something like this is sent out that is education-related you tweet a link via @NASASTEM and 321,886 followers will be informed. Or you can follow more NASA and space education Twitter...

Nelson Confirmation Hearing Date Set

Sources report that the confirmation hearing for @SenBillNelson's nomination to become the next @NASA Administrator will be held on 28 April.— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) April 5, 2021

Mike Gold Beams Out Of NASA HQ For Redwire Space

Keith's note: Mike Gold is leaving NASA Headquarters to join Redwire Space. I am really sorry to see Mike go. While he (deservedly) got a lot of credit for the whole Artemis Accords effort, he played a role in taking on a lot of less glamorous tasks - many of which laid half baked and ignored for a long time and needed to be dealt with. I wish him...

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