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Its Hurry Up And Wait For the National Space Council Users Advisory Group

Keith's note: The following was just sent by NASA HQ to "National Space Council (NSpC) Users' Advisory Group (UAG) members (2020-2022)" "All, apologies for the radio silence for so long. Just as all of you appointed members, we civil servants are also subject to the evolving plans and schedule of our Principals at the White House, and until now...

VP Harris Commercial Space Event In Oakland Friday

Vice President Harris delivers remarks about how the Biden-Harris Administration will support the commercial space sector. Oakland, CA Livestream starts around 4:35 pm EDT. FYI this Friday 12 Aug @VP Harris is going to Oakland, CA for an event focused on commercial space. #spacecommerce #NASA #smallsat— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch)...

Artemis Lunar Landings Will Be Rare Events

If you thought that the #Artemis Generation was going to enjoy - and be inspired by - the same cadence of lunar landings and exploration that the Apollo Generation witnessed - think again. Artemis lunar landings are only going to happen every couple of years throughout the decade— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) August 10, 2022

Yet Another Pointless NASA Advisory Council Meeting

NASA Advisory Council Meeting "Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 1 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Eastern Time; and Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 1 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The agenda for the meeting will include reports on the following NAC priority focus areas: The meeting will be virtual for members of the public. Dial- in audio teleconference and webcast details...

Does Anyone Know Where The National Space Council Is Hiding? (Re-Repost)

Keith's note: It is June July August 2022. The last time the National Space Council poked its head out through the curtains was December 2021. Six Seven Eight months. Does anyone know what they are doing? If you go to the official National Space Council Users' Advisory Group (NSpC UAG) page at NASA you are greeted with banner image of the Trump...

How NASA Operated Before PowerPoint

Book Review: The Apollo 11 Flight Plan: A Real Script Of Exploration "The Apollo 11 Flight Plan" from is one of the more unusual books that I have "read" or reviewed. Let me get this out of they up front: this book represents a true labor of love and dedication to the art of making history available as if it happened yesterday....

Today's Brilliant Media Questions About Artemis

This question was just asked at the @NASA #Artemis media event by a reporter"Does Artemis have a camera?"Really? After all the detailed discussions moments ago about imagery to be sent back you ask a question like this? DUH - how does @NASA get the pictures without a camera?— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) August 5, 2022 Now some...

Will Cosmonaut Anna Kikina Go Political On ISS?

Good question for media to ask @Roscosmos Cosmonaut Anna Kikina is whether she plans to participate in on-orbit political efforts in support of the Russian invasion of #Ukraine as the current Russians on #ISS have done. BTW this is why @NASAWatch is not allowed to ask questions.— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) August 4, 2022

Another NASA News Conference With No News

Keith's note: NASA held an Artemis 1 media briefing today. These were the only newsworthy highlights. "I am thinking of #NichelleNichols today - trailblazers like her are why people like me are at @NASA today" - @blal #StarTrek— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) August 3, 2022 According to @blal #Artemis 1 Orion will carry "Callisto"...

NASA Updates The Right Stuff

NASA Requirements Updates for Private Astronaut Missions "In preparation for future announcements for additional private astronaut mission (PAM) flight opportunities, NASA is making the community aware of requirement updates that have been made since the last PAM solicitation based on lessons learned identified upon completion of the first private...

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