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Set Custom Dock Settings for Mac When Connected to External Displays with HiDock

Have you ever wished that MacOS could have different settings for the Dock, when connected to an external display, versus using only the built-in display? Or that MacOS would know when your MacBook Pro is connected to an external display and automatically adjust the Dock positioning, or size? That’s exactly what HiDock does, a free ... Read More

WhatsApp for Mac with Native Apple Silicon Support Available in Beta

WhatsApp, the popular messaging client, is now available for the Mac with native Apple Silicon support. The WhatsApp client for Apple Silicon is currently in beta, but it is stable and functions fairly well, and should offer better performance compared to builds intended for older Intel Macs. Interested users who don’t mind beta testing software ......

How to Change Undo Sending Delay on Mail for iPhone & iPad

One of the better new features in modern versions of Mail for iPhone and iPad is the ability to undo the sending of an email, which offers you a grace period to retract an email before it gets sent out. This is nice when you forgot something to include in the email, caught a typo ... Read More

How to Change Wallpaper on MacOS Ventura

Setting your desktop background picture to an image of your choice is an easy and fun way to customize your desktop Mac experience. With MacOS Ventura, how you change the Mac desktop wallpaper has changed a bit, which has led to some confusion for some longtime Mac users. Long gone is the familiar “Desktop & ... Read More

How to Open Activity Monitor by Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

Many Mac users rely on Activity Monitor to quickly terminate processes and monitor system resources on their Macs. Creating a keyboard shortcut for quick access to Activity Monitor can be a beneficial trick to more easily access the task manager in MacOS. This article will demonstrate how to use the Shortcuts app to make a ... Read More

Deals: AirPods 38% Off, Apple Watch 8 $50 Off, iPad Air $100 Off

If you’re shopping for AirPods, Apple Watch, or iPad Air, don’t miss these great discounts available right now from Amazon. AirPods 2nd generation at 38% Off Starting off with the 2nd generation AirPods at $99, a $30 discount. AirPods for $99 (down from $129) Apple Watch Series 8 for $50 Off Next up is the ... Read More

How to Upgrade from Older MacOS to MacOS Monterey (and Avoid Ventura)

Do you have a Mac running an earlier version of MacOS that you’d like to upgrade to a newer version, but you don’t want to run MacOS Ventura? For example, let’s say you’re running MacOS Catalina, Mojave, or Big Sur on a Mac, and you want to upgrade that Mac to MacOS Monterey 12 specifically, ... Read More

How to Determine File System of a Drive on Mac

You may find yourself needing to determine the file system type of a drive connected to a Mac, whether it’s an external hard drive, a USB flash drive, external SSD or HDD, an SD card, or similar. File system types are important because they can help to determine if a drive is fully Mac compatible ... Read More

How to Authorize / Deauthorize Computer with Apple Music on Mac

Apple uses a system of authorization and deauthorization that allows yoour computers to have access to music, books, iTunes Store purchases, apps, and more. You can only have up to five computers authorized to access your content at a time, so if you have 5 devices and want to authorize a new Mac or PC, ... Read More

How to Turn On & Off iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 13 Pro Max can all be turned off, and turned back on again, at any time. You may think that turning off the iPhone 13 series is just a matter of pressing the power button, but it turns out there’s a little trick that ... Read More

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