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[UPDATE] QTranslate v6.8.0

QTranslate is a front-end for various translation websites. Open the main window to enter or paste text or simply select text and press a hotkey for a popup translation window. The program also has the ability to search in offline XDXF dictionaries, speech recognition, text to speech synthesis, image text recognition, spell checking, virtual keyboard,...

[UPDATE] FotoSketcher v3.70

FotoSketcher helps you take existing photos and modify them for a vintage or vibrant look, as well as a long list of available pencil sketch, pen-and-ink, or hand-drawn painting looks. All modifications include with a variety of settings and tweaks to control the look from dramatic to slight. Also includes basic photo editing tools such as text,...

[UPDATE] ScreenToGif v2.27.2

ScreenToGif is a feature-rich recording program for screen, webcam and whiteboard. The program is customizable, includes hotkeys and recordings can be edited and saved to animated GIF, APNG or video formats. You can control frame-rate, snap the recorder to a window, add text/objects, and denote mouse-clicks and key-presses. The editor can also modify...

[UPDATE] MuseTips Text Filter

MuseTips Text Filter is a lightweight text file viewer with easy search and filter tools. Text lines are instantly filtered as you type your search phrase, with all matched terms highlighted in a contrasting color.

[UPDATE] Free MP3 Cutter and Editor v2.8.0.2297

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor can do simple edits to WAV and MP3 files, including volume changes, fade-in and fade-out and delete sections. Can convert mono to stereo and vice versa. Note: The program by default saves MP3 files at 128 bitrate.

[UPDATE] SunlitGreen BatchBlitz v3.4.0.2312

BatchBlitz is a batch image processor with an included photo edit program. It allows you to add a watermarks, filter source files, rename/convert images, resize/rotate, automatically apply color corrections and more. An instant preview gives you a look at effects before executing. Additionally, the program supports regular expressions for filtering...

[UPDATE] SunlitGreen Photo Editor v1.5.0.2311

SunlitGreen Photo Editor is a lightweight photo enhancer and color editor. Features drag and drop, viewer with easy-to-use zoom tools, edit/save image selections, automatic color correction as well as advanced, channel-oriented color corrections, previewable image adjustments, as well as image filters for creating special effects.

[UPDATE] Text Editor Pro v10.0.0

Text Editor Pro (formerly EditBone) is a powerful text editor with a customizable interface. View options include minimap, directory view, line numbers, rulers, and skins. The code viewer enables syntax highlighting support for over 50 languages and scripts, customizable with over 100 options, 29 ready made styles. Search tools include a file...

[UPDATE] Qmmp v1.4.2

Qmmp (Qt-based MultiMedia Player) is a feature-rich player with supports for most audio formats, global hot-keys and CUE sheets. Qmmp's Winamp-inspired look uses the familiar spectrum analyzer, a 10-band equalizer, playlist, and wide skin support - including Winamp and XMMS skins. The program supports format conversion, visualization, lyrics, cover...

[UPDATE] ToDoList v8.0.5

ToDoList is a hierarchical task manager that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces, which makes it ideal for IT-related projects as well as more general activities. Each task can be given a wide variety of attributes including priority, risk, color, category and many more. Viewable in tree, list or calendar format...

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