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Desperate Journalist – “Fault”

In the mid-2010s, we posted a series of singles from the London rock band Desperate Journalist. “Control,” “Hollow,” and “Resolution” each found the group developing an aesthetic indebted to ’80s indie rock of Europe and the British Isles. They’ve often reminded me of a sleek modern update on the Smiths, pairing that emotive guitar-pop sound with an...

We All Get To Benefit From Taylor Swift’s Sweet Revenge

Taylor Swift did it. She actually went through with it. For nearly two years now — ever since her former record label Big Machine sold its catalog, including the master recordings for her first six albums, to music industry mogul Scooter Braun — she’s been talking about re-recording those albums as a fuck-you and an assertion of control. If she couldn’t...

John Dwyer, Kyp Malone, Ben Boye, & Friends – “The War Clock”

Oh Sees leader John Dwyer’s many projects get increasingly more difficult to categorize as time goes on. The California rock wizard has already put out a handful of new releases in the last few months, all attributed to different names and groups, and today he’s unveiling his latest.

Watch The Trailer For Dave Grohl’s Tour Van Life Documentary What Drives Us

Last year, Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl started talking up a documentary he was making about touring van life. Before the pandemic hit, his band had planned a tour based around the Foo Fighters’ route for their first-ever tour in 1995 when they drove around the country in a Dodge van. That never happened, of course, but Grohl continued to work on...

Daniel Bachman – “Blues In The Anthropocene”

Next month, the Virginia guitar virtuoso Daniel Bachman will follow his 2018 double album The Morning Star with a new LP called Axacan. Bachman makes folk-inspired fingerpicked instrumental reveries, and on Axacan, he’s combining those acoustic pieces with field recordings that he’s been making. Bachman has already shared “Coronach,” a meditative and...

Gojira – “Into The Storm”

In a few weeks, the much-loved French metal band Gojira will fully unleash their new album Fortitude, their first in five years. I have heard Fortitude, and it rules, but you could’ve probably figured that out yourself on the strength of the early singles “Another World,” “Born For One Thing,” and “Amazonia.” Today, the band has dropped one more track,...

Lambchop – “Fuku”

Last month, Lambchop announced a new album called Showtunes, which project leader Kurt Wagner made during lockdown. We first heard “A Chef’s Kiss” from it and today we’re getting the album’s second single, “Fuku,” that he cowrote with the Cologne-based DJ Twit One. It comes with a short film directed by Doug Anderson.

Dave – “Titanium” & “Mercury”

In 2019, the South London rapper Dave released a thoughtful and promising debut album called Psychodrama, and he immediately became a star in the UK. Psychodrama went to #1 on the UK charts and won the Mercury Prize, and Dave gave a striking performance at the Brit Awards. Since then, Dave has collaborated with UK rappers like Ghetts and Fredo, but...

Danny Elfman – “True”

For the last six months or so, film composer and former Oingo Boingo leader has been sharing a series of new songs that represent the first new solo material he’s released in well over three decades. Those have included “Happy,” “Sorry,” and “Love In The Time Of Covid.”

The Polyphonic Spree – “Don’t Change” (INXS Cover)

It’s been a long while since we’ve heard an album from the Polyphonic Spree, the robed and vaguely cultlike Texan indie rock ensemble whose overwhelming festival performances were inescapable in the ’00s. Psychphonic, the band’s last album, came out seven years ago. Today, though the Polyphonic Spree have announced two new albums: One that’ll arrive...

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