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Nick Hakim Gives A Surreal Performance Of A Heavy Song On Colbert

Late-night TV performances in the quarantine era are basically low-budget music videos now. Although plenty of them are still equivalent to an artist going live on Instagram, a handful of performers have been moving beyond strumming a guitar in front of their bookshelves toward more creative visual presentation -- Nick Hakim, for example. More »

Benny The Butcher – “Deal Or No Deal”

Last year, the harder-than-concrete Buffalo rapper Benny The Butcher, one of the key members of the Griselda Records crew, released his EP The Plugs I Met, maybe my favorite record to come from Griselda yet. Benny also teamed up with Smoke DZA on the Pete Rock-produced Statue Of Limitations EP and … More »

Anjimile – “Maker”

The Boston-based musician Anjimile Chithambo has been releasing music on their own for a few years now, through a series of releases that have been largely scrubbed from the internet to make way for what's now being billed as Anjimile's debut album, Giver Taker. "A lot of the album was written when I … More »

We’ve Got A File On You: Jarvis Cocker

We’ve Got A File On You features interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc. More »

Idle Hands – “It Doesn’t Really Matter” & “Puppy Love”

The Portland goths Idle Hands released their debut album, Mana, last year. We named it one of 2019's best metal albums and the group landed on our list of the best new bands of the year. Today, they're announcing their first release since then, an expanded edition of their … More »

Martin Scorsese Directing Documentary About New York Dolls’ David Johansen

Martin Scorsese is directing a documentary about New York Dolls frontman David Johansen that will be released through Showtime. The film will be co-directed by David Tedeschi, and has Brian Grazer and Ron Howard as executive producers. More »

Matmos – “No Concept” (Feat. clipping. & David Grubbs)

High-concept electronic duo Matmos have announced a new album called Consuming Flame: Open Exercises In Group Form. The record features contributions from 99 different musicians who were asked to play anything they wanted as long as the tempo remained at 99 beats per minute. More »

Katie Dey – “happiness”

A couple weeks back, Katie Dey announced a new album, mydata, her follow-up to last year's solipsisters. At the time, she shared "dancing" from it and today she's back with its second single, "happiness," a transcendent and stuttering song about opening yourself up to new things. "I want love/ I'm not … More »

Unreal City – “War Behind Bars”

Robert Orr was once a guitarist for Integrity, the long-running Cleveland cult heroes who helped establish the metallic hardcore subgenre back in the '90s. For more than a decade, Orr has been smashing out his own version of the Integrity sound with Unreal City, a band that also features members of groups like Eternal Sleep … More »

Neil Young Shares Another Open Letter To Donald Trump

Neil Young has been trying to get Donald Trump to stop playing his music at his rallies for a while now. Since becoming an American citizen at the beginning of this year, he has become increasingly more public about his disdain for Trump. He published an open letter on his Neil … More »

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